Air Force Persecuting Christians Over ‘Gay’ Marriage

Sep 9th, 2013 | By | Category: News Flashes

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The U.S. Air Force seems determined to silence any Christian who voices opposition to “gay” marriage or the homosexual agenda in the military.

The most recent casualty of this policy against Christians is Senior Master Sgt. Philip Monk, who was relieved of duty by his openly lesbian commanding officer.

Monk isn’t the only believer to be persecuted for his biblical opposition to the “gay” agenda.

Todd Starnes reports on Fox News:

Steve Branson is the pastor of Village Parkway Baptist Church, about five miles from the Air Force base. He tells me that as many as a half dozen of his church members are currently facing persecution on the base for their religious beliefs.

“Sgt. Monk is just the tip of the iceberg,” the pastor tells me. “Anyone who doesn’t hold to the right view on homosexuality is having a very

Obama's new "gay" military is aggressively persecuting Christians.

Obama’s new “gay” military is aggressively persecuting Christians.

difficult time.”

Branson said one colonel is not even allowed to voice an opinion on the matter over fears it might cost him his job. Another airman has been brought up on charges eight times.

Christians are under attack, the pastor warned – and Lackland Air Force Base seems to be ground zero.

“I’m raising the warning,” the pastor said. “It’s not a good situation out here. The military’s job is not to fight these kinds of battles. Christians are having to walk so carefully. I hear it every Sunday at church.”

The Obama Administration has decided that “gay” rights automatically trumps the First Amendment’s protection of religious liberty and freedom of conscience. Obama seems determined to cleanse our military of any vestige of Christian-based morality.

Read more on this at Fox News.

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One Comment to “Air Force Persecuting Christians Over ‘Gay’ Marriage”

  1. Tracey Powers says:

    God help us. There needs to be a respect for God in our homes and in our military. When our military and our nation have no fear of God, there will be atrocities such as Abu Ghraib and total chaos in our society.
    I wish others could understand that disagreement does not equal hatred. We don’t have to agree that everything another does is right, though we are to love, respect, and pray for each other.

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