Arizona Congressman Calls For Robert Mueller To Resign

Aug 1st, 2017 | By | Category: Featured

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Pointing to an alleged conflict of interest, a Republican congressman from Arizona called on Tuesday for special counsel Robert Mueller to resign. Rep. Trent Franks, an eight-term Republican, argued that Mueller has an ethical duty to step down because of his friendship with , who would be a key witness in determining whether President Donald Trump…

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One Comment to “Arizona Congressman Calls For Robert Mueller To Resign”

  1. Roger Abraham says:

    I agree 100% that Mueller should never have been allowed to be in this position, and should resign immediately!!
    I don’t know what got into republicans head to allow this to happen in the first place! They don’t seem capable of adding 2 and 2. Democrats are going to screw anyone that is not a democrat if republicans give them a chance! I have to wonder what party Republicans are working for!?! It seems obvious to me that republicans don’t realize what their job is!?! You have to play to win! If you aren’t doing that you need to be gone!!! This country is in dire straights! When dems beat republicans over the head on TV, the opposition needs to remind everyone listening what a disaster they’ve been over the last 8 years. Do it on the spot! Remind everyone listening about ‘liars row’, remind them of illegalities that took place with Hillary Clinton and James Comey, remind them what a disaster Obamacare is, last, but not least and certainly not all, remind them of the destruction of America under Obama’s presidency – there is a ton of things that you can remind them of! Start fighting for America!!

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