Chad Connelly Special Election On May 2

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Chad Connelly for Congress from UTPL on Vimeo.

The next important special election this year takes place on May 2nd in South Carolina where Chad Connelly is seeking to replace Mick Mulvaney.

Connelly ran the RNC’s faith outreach program during the Trump campaign and is endorsed by GING-PAC for this seat. Connelly is an outspoken Christian conservative who will serve honorably in the House of Representatives.

Learn more about Connelly on his campaign website and in an article published by the Washington Times in late March.

In the WT article, Connelly notes:

I was mad in 2008-2009 when McCain ignored us [the Evangelical vote]. I was upset in 2012 and 2013 when Romney ignored us.

So when I took the job with the RNC, I had a theory. I thought that if we would activate the churches and connect with them, then we could do something that hadn’t been done before. In my original report, I said that if we get 80% of the Evangelical vote, then the Democrats can’t win.

We got 81%. It set a new record for Evangelical turnout. So, it’s not a theory to me now—I know this is the way.

Look, if I don’t win this, and I’m not in Congress, then I’m going to continue doing this because I think it’s not just about winning an election. It is a way to get the country back.

I’m at peace with what the Lord wants. I’m going to work hard, and if it is His desire for me to be in Congress, then He’s going to make the way. Or if not, then that’s okay with me too. If I’m in Congress, then I’ll have a pretty amazing platform to be able to push this kind of thing.

Read more at the Washington Times – and support GING-PAC in its work to help elect strong social conservatives to the House and Senate.

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