Democratic National Committee Co-Chair Doesn’t Believe In Borders

May 8th, 2018 | By | Category: Featured

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Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison, a leftist radical Muslim was spotted during a May Day parade in Minneapolis wearing a T-shirt that says “I don’t believe in borders.” Ellison is co-chair of the Democratic National Committee with foul-mouthed Tom Perez. Ellison has previously lied about his involvement with the Nation of Islam, an anti-American, anti-Semitic, black racist “church” headed by Louis Farrakhan. This video tells you a lot about the ideology of the Democratic Party today. It is certainly not the party of Harry Truman.

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One Comment to “Democratic National Committee Co-Chair Doesn’t Believe In Borders”

  1. David in MA says:

    Maybe because Keith Ellison is a muslim and communist supporter?
    Look up DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS IN CONGRESS. and see him listed as a member.

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