Democratic National Convention Freak Show Roundup

Sep 7th, 2012 | By | Category: News Flashes

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The Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina was the freak show we expected.

Among those speaking at the convention was serial adulterer and suspected rapist Bill Clinton, comic relief Joe Biden, and Sandra Fluke, the law school graduate who wants taxpayer-funded contraceptives.

Fluke spoke on Wednesday and claimed that Republican Vice President candidate Paul Ryan would like to see pregnant women die from botched abortion in hospital emergency rooms. According to Fluke, if Romney and Ryan are elected, “It would be an America in which you have a new vice president who co-sponsored a bill that would allow pregnant women to die preventable deaths in our emergency rooms. An America in which states humiliate women by forcing us to endure invasive ultrasounds we don’t want and our doctors say we don’t need.”

In 2011, Fluke argued that so-called “transgendered” individuals should have taxpayer funded sex change operations! According to Fluke: “Transgender persons wishing to undergo the gender reassignment process frequently face heterosexist employer health insurance policies that label [gender-reassignment] surgery as cosmetic, or medically unnecessary and therefore uncovered.”

Obama’s support of abortion is just as radical as Fluke’s.

While at the DNC freak show, Fluke participated in a Planned Parenthood demonstration, which featured women dressed as female reproductive organs, and radical pro-abortionists handing out condoms to convention attendees.

She wasn’t the only radical at the convention. Palm Beach Country Democratic Chairman Mark Alan Siegel expressed his hatred of Christians during an interview. According to Siegel: “I’m Jewish, I’m not a fan of any religion other than Judaism.”… “The Christians just want us to be there so we can all be slaughtered and converted and bring on the second coming of Jesus Christ. They (Christians) are not our friends. They want Israel to pursue policies that are antithetical with its security and existence.”… “The worst possible allies for the Jewish state are evangelical Christians, who want Jews to die and convert so they can bring on the second coming of their Lord,” he declared. “It is a false friendship. They are seeking their ends and not ours.”

If that expression of hatred weren’t enough, then there’s the Puerto Rican woman who has lived in New York for decades. She claimed that Romney would destroy the country and if she ever saw him, she would kill him.

Joe Biden’s speech wasn’t the biggest embarrassment of the evening, however. It was the manipulated vote to put “God” and “Jerusalem” back into the Democratic Party Platform after it had been removed.

DNC Chair L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa held three different votes to get the vote he wanted. He finally declared the third vote to be in favor of putting “God” and “Jerusalem” back in the platform. What did the delegates do? They booed him for doing it. The re-inclusion of these words into the platform is meaningless political posturing. It was clear that the DNC delegates didn’t want those in the platform – that’s why they were removed in the first place.

It is obvious from who was honored at the DNC, that the Democratic Party is the party of death, the party of sexual perversion and the party of hatred against God and of Israel.

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2 Comments to “Democratic National Convention Freak Show Roundup”

  1. Don says:

    I think that everything that we saw and knew about the Democratic Party can be summed up in four words, EVIL!

  2. Matt says:

    (Yo, GING. If you think you’ve read everything, catch this goodie that came into focus on my computer!)

    Christians Don’t Want Jewish Death

    Democrat leader Mark Siegel stated at the DNC that “fundamentalist Christians…want Jews to die and convert so they can bring on the second coming of their Lord.”
    It wasn’t Glenn Beck, John Hagee, Hal Lindsey or any other Christian who first talked about the predicted massive slaughter of Jews during what Christians call the “end times.”
    It was the ancient Hebrew prophet Zechariah who as long ago as 487 B.C. predicted that two-thirds of Jewry in the “last days” will be killed (Zech. 13:8).
    All true Christian leaders view this scripture with horror and sympathy and NOT with glee!
    Fundamentalist Christians are actually waiting for an “any-moment rapture” to Heaven (several years before the second coming) and do not believe that any event, including this final Jewish holocaust, has to happen before their escapist rapture happens.
    More shocks. Fundamentalists have recently been learning that their rapture belief was first taught in Britain in 1830 and that it wasn’t widely adopted by Americans until the early 1900s. The documentation on all this is in “The Rapture Plot” (carried by online bookstores) which also reveals for the first time that, amazingly enough, this British theory has an anti-Jewish foundation! (For more info Google “Pretrib Rapture Politics.”)
    Although no one is perfect, evangelical Christians (including fundamentalists) are still the best friends of Jewish persons and Israel.

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