GING-PAC Endorses Mike Schmitt For Darrell Issa Seat

Mar 13th, 2018 | By | Category: Candidates, House of Representative

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Mike Schmitt helped rescue a Yezidi girl from ISIS sexual slavery in 2015.

California Congressman Darrell Issa is retiring this year and several GOP candidates are competing for his seat in the 49th Congressional District. Issa has held this seat since 2000.

Our pick to replace Issa is Dr. Mike Schmitt, a non-politician who has spent time in Iraq and Syria helping the victims of the Islamic State. He has first-hand knowledge of the murder and terror that the Islamic State committed against Christians and Yezidis. While overseas, Schmitt helped rescue girls who were enslaved by ISIS.   

Schmitt believes in defeating ISIS, but not sending our troops around the world on long deployments – unless there is a tangible connection between the threat and our national security.

Schmitt is openly pro-life. As he states:  

I have been strongly Pro-Life my entire life with no wavering.

While I recognize Roe v. Wade as a flawed decision, it is the current law of the land. Having said that, there should never be any Federal funding for elective abortion.

I favor restricting the funneling of girls and young women towards presumptive abortions. As we have all learned recently, they are a ghoulish industry taking advantage of overwhelmed young people. They are force feeding what, for most, will be the most regrettable decision of their life.

I favor adoption as a priority.

Learn more about Dr. Mike Schmitt here: Mike Schmitt For Congress.




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