GING-PAC Endorses Trey Thomas For 6th Congressional District (Louisiana)

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Dr. Charles Trey Thomas.

Dr. Charles Trey Thomas.

The Government Is Not God Political Action Committee (GING-PAC) is endorsing Dr. Charles Trey Thomas to become the next Congressman from the 6th Congressional District in Louisiana.

Dr. Thomas is the executive director of the Family Values Resource Institute, a charitable group devoted to empowering the traditional family. It includes resources for pregnant women, counseling programs for troubled marriages, adult learning and career development.

Dr. Thomas’s web site has a list of issues that he believes are of importance to the future of our nation. Under “Family Values,” he states:

I believe that marriage in the sight of God is between a man and a woman. I believe life begins at conception with full life functions such as feeling pain achieved well before birth and should be protected as such. While I recognize it is not appropriate to impose my views on anyone else, it is also not appropriate for the government to impose laws or regulations that intimidate people from sharing their views with others who have a choice to listen or not, or that forces people to violate their religious convictions to financially support through public tax dollars the views of those who disagree. The government should not be in the role of redefining religious values that are shaped by our faith just as the government should not be used to impose any religious moral while ensuring the inalienable right to life for all citizens born and unborn is protected

Just as our constitutional government begins with the recognition of our creator as the endower of inalienable rights, I believe the legal recognition of marriage is in support of the religious institution created by God as the basic entity for developing society. As it is the prerogative of a government to promote or support those entities that enhance society, economic prosperity, and national security, I believe all constitutionally supported privileges and incentives that encourage traditional marriages, and especially those with children, are appropriate to support the continuation of society. However, if the government believes that promoting or supporting committed, long-term relationships for companionship regardless of gender is beneficial to society and deserving of legally recognized privileges, I believe it should do so without attempting to redefine a religious institution that it did not originally create but recognizes with legal privileges. 

Unborn Life. Supporters of legalized abortions emphatically defend it as a “safe” alternative to the dangerous “back alley” providers that existed before legalization. However, they also attack any attempt to hold abortion doctors to the same medical care standards of all other medical doctors as unfair. This argument is especially troubling as holding abortion doctors to the same standards would improve informed consent standards which can help protect women with other risk factors as identified by the American Psychological Association, or increase inspections that may help prevent the inhumane and reprehensible practices of providers like Kermit Gosnell. I support all efforts to protect all types of patients and medical procedures with consistent medical standards.

Learn more about Thomas at: Charles Trey Thomas.

Donate to the work of GING-PAC in electing men like Dr. Thomas to the House and Senate this November. Donate today! You can donate directly to his campaign here:


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