GINGPAC Endorses Congressman John Fleming For Vitter Senate Seat

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Congressman John Fleming (R-LA).

Congressman John Fleming (R-LA).

Senator David Vitter, just 56 years old, has had enough of Washington, DC.  Vitter was the first Republican ever elected to a U.S. Senate seat in Louisiana, winning in 2004. The only previous Republican Senator was William Pitt Kellogg, who was chosen by the state legislature in 1876. 

Senator Vitter ran for reelection and won in 2012. Now, after two terms he has called in quits, much to the dismay of the Republican establishment in a year when the fear is great that Republicans will not do well in Senate elections.

There is no Republican primary in Louisiana.

Louisiana has a “gorilla” primary in which all candidates of all parties run against each other and the top two fight it out in a run off. And yes, the top two may be from the same party, which is often the case in House and local races.

GING-PAC has chosen to back Dr. John Fleming, who currently serves in the House. Fleming is an MD who served six years in the U.S. Navy as a Medical Officer and who currently serves on the House Armed Services Committee and the Natural Resources Committee. He is a member of the Congressional Prayer Caucus.

Congressman Fleming represents the 4thCongressional District in Louisiana – the area where Fort Polk and Barksdale Air Force Base are located.

Fleming was Louisiana Family Doctor of the Year in 2007 and was elected to Congress in 2008. In Congress, he has served as vice chairman of the GOP Doctors Caucus that includes 14 physicians who work in Congress on patient-centered health care reforms.

Fleming has been a leader in fighting for conscience and religious freedom protections for medical personnel who do not wish to perform abortions.

He has vowed to uphold the U.S. Constitution and to faithfully serve the people he represents in Congress. The Heritage Foundation has called him a “Congressional Sentinel” for fighting to preserve our Constitutional Republic.

On the issue of marriage Fleming has said, “Marriage as traditionally understood is an intrinsic part of our culture’s Judeo-Christian moral foundations, and it must be protected and preserved.  Our essential moral values demand that we defend marriage.”

Fleming makes it clear that in the Senate he will support traditional Judeo-Christian values, saying: “At a time when our nation is faced with some of the most challenging public policy problems in its history, Americans’ moral and family values are threatened.  I am committed to our nation’s traditional values and will stand in the gap to fight for what I firmly believe to be right.”

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