John McCain: Traitor To The Conservative Cause

Jul 28th, 2017 | By | Category: Featured

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There are video clips floating about devoted entirely to showing the dramatic few seconds on the Senate floor when Sen. John McCain cast his no-vote to Obamacare repeal. Pick one and watch it. They’re good visuals of what betrayal looks like. Title it: Traitor takes the stage. Now some will no doubt call that ridiculous -…

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2 Comments to “John McCain: Traitor To The Conservative Cause”

  1. Roger Abraham says:

    John McCain is a great American, but he lost his focus several years ago. I agree, it’s time he retired!

  2. M.K says:

    It is more than healthcare its freedom! When the government tells you what to buy and fines you if you don’t you have lost more of your freedom.

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    My Classic Mercedes that was covered by State Farm was in a minor accident. State Farm took the car and hauled it to another state. They refused to fix it and refused to pay the towing charges back so I could fix it.

    My wife and I went through a turmoil with their claim agents to get them to come up to anything near the retail value of the car according to the NADA book to pay us.

    There should be a law that requires Auto Insurance Companies to return autos that they do not fix, back to the owner with all transportation and any other charges paid. If the owner wants the auto.

    With our politicians being paid campaign contributions by insurance companies we are at the mercy of insurance companies.

    The car was the best car I ever had, over 30 years old, in good shape and didn’t use any oil. The car was like one of the family.
    I could have fix it with parts I could buy on line.

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