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The House GOP Needs A Veteran Investigator: Ken Timmerman

Government Is Not God (GINGPAC) has just endorsed Ken Timmerman for the U.S. Congress. He is challenging Nancy Pelosi’s right-hand man, Chris Van Hollen from the 8th Congressional District in Maryland.

Timmerman is an investigative journalist and conservative who can effectively represent the 8th District and oppose the expansion of the welfare state under Obama.

Timmerman believes in the free enterprise system, a strong national defense, and the American way of life.

Support Timmerman and donate to his campaign through GINGPAC.

Timmerman’s web site has more details on his campaign:

“I have spent my life tracking down the murderers of yesterday. Mr. Timmerman is tracking down the murderers of tomorrow.” — Simon Wiesenthal

Ken Timmerman is a nationally recognized investigative reporter and an international religious-freedom guardian who plans to defeat Nancy Pelosi’s right-hand man, Representative Chris Van Hollen, in the 8th District of Maryland.

For those who haven’t yet met Ken, he and his wife Christina are long-time residents of Kensington, Maryland. All of their five children have attended Maryland public schools or universities.

Timmerman is a recognized authority on defense and intelligence issues who has testified as an expert witness in terrorism trials in U.S. federal courts and before Congress.

For the past seven years, Ken has been the lead investigator for families of 9/11 victims in a civil lawsuit against Iran. Based on Ken’s evidence, a federal district judge ruled just before Christmas that Iran “shared responsibility” for the 9/11 terrorist attacks with al Qaeda, and had provided “direct, material support” for the attacks.

But the Kensington conservative has also been a strong advocate for Maryland citizens as head of the Maryland Taxpayers Association where he urged the adoption — back in 2000 — of a Return-the-Surplus-Amendment. His was a pioneering effort to forestall today’s Annapolis spending disaster.

Ken also was at the forefront of the Divest Terror movement to prevent Maryland pension funds from being invested in companies doing business with terrorists.

His books range from exposing Jesse Jackson to a thriller on today’s persecuted Christians of Iraq.

Of course, getting the Federal government off the backs of independent  businesses so they —  not the government – – can grow jobs is Ken’s number one priority.

But Timmerman sees his special role in the coming Congress overseeing the vast body of Federal legislation and regulation badly in need of winnowing, and bringing sunshine to the unhealthy collusion between the Federal government on the one hand and big business and big labor on the other – – a collusion of which Obamacare was the poster child.

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