Law Enforcement Experts Applaud Firing Of FBI Director Comey

May 10th, 2017 | By | Category: Featured

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Yesterday afternoon, President Trump, on the advice of the Department of Justice, fired FBI Director James Comey. The TV talk shows were buzzing all evening as former federal attorneys, FBI agents, and others weighed in on Comey’s firing. As expected, liberals marched in lockstep to condemn President Trump — in spite of the fact that most of them had long been calling for Comey to be fired for his botched handling of Hillary Clinton’s email server scandal. Their gross hypocrisy was on display for all to see. Watch these important interviews by conservatives on why Comey earned his firing. He has singlehandedly destroyed the reputation of the premiere investigative agency in the world.

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One Comment to “Law Enforcement Experts Applaud Firing Of FBI Director Comey”

  1. Vance Rushing says:

    The Democrats are pivved that THEY couldn’t fire him out of vindictiveness. Instead Trump fired him for “making calls” that were not his to make.

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