Nancy Pelosi Appoints Muslim As Chief Of Staff

Jan 22nd, 2013 | By | Category: News Flashes

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Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has appointed her long-time communications director to be her chief of staff. Muslim Nadaem Elshami officially took over the post last week.

Elshami formerly worked for ultra-leftist Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and socialist Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL). Schakowsky is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, a gaggle of socialists who work feverishly to convert America into a dismal European welfare state.

Elshami’s Egyptian mother, Zainab Elberry is a Muslim activist based in Tennessee. She lobbied for construction of a mega-mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Local residents fought hard against construction of this mosque, fearing it would become a training center for wannabe terrorists.

Elberry also supported the ouster of Hosni Mubarak from Egypt and helped organize the Islamic Center of Nashville – a hotbed of Islamic radicalism.

One can only imagine what sort of advice Nadaem Elshami is going to be giving to Pelosi. Whatever it is, it certainly won’t benefit America’s free enterprise system, national security, or religious liberty.


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7 Comments to “Nancy Pelosi Appoints Muslim As Chief Of Staff”

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  2. Guest says:

    Now you know where HER loyalties lie. As well, it makes it perfectly clear why she wants guns not only controlled but banned. If she had her way we’d be totally defenseless against Islam. Not Islamic “terrorists” but Islam itself, which is where the real danger lies. The best thing she, and all of the other “female” Congresspeople can do to show how “peaceful” Islam is, is to go, unescorted and unarmed, into Afghanistan, Mali, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan- even India which is not predominantly Islamic but Hindu.
    And stay there for several weeks on “fact-finding” missions.

  3. Grace E. Alexander says:

    Seems we have some pretty dangerous-sounding people in our House of Representatives. R
    emember that she said we should pass Obama’s health bill so that we’ll know what’s in it. If there ever was a stupid remark made, that was it !……over 2,000 pages and noone had read it at the time it passed
    the House according to information given the public !!! Of further concern is that the people voting her into office are just as misinformed. Someone should inform Nancy Pelosi what SHARIA law is. Everyone in this country should know what SHARIA law involves and when they know what it is, they will keep it from becoming our law.

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  5. […] Now Pelosi has appointed Nadeam Elshami as her Chief of Staff. […]

  6. The Democrat Whore in charge ! A good Catholic Whom says Abortion is OK endorses Sharia Law and Womens’ Rights

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