Obama CIA Director Calls For A Coup If Trump Fires Robert Mueller

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Judicial Watch researcher Chris Farrell spoke with Fox Business Network commentator Lou Dobbs last night on the subversion by Democrats against President Trump. Former CIA Director John Brennan has called for an open coup against Trump if he dares fire special counsel Robert Mueller. Farrell points out that under our legal system, there actually has to be a crime committed for there to be an investigation. Mueller has no specific crime to investigate. Watch this important exchange between Farrell and Dobbs to see just how unhinged Democrats are:

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One Comment to “Obama CIA Director Calls For A Coup If Trump Fires Robert Mueller”

  1. Roger Abraham says:

    Nobody’s suggesting that anyone is going to be fired, but the democrats need to realize that it is their stupidity that fuels all this crap, and Brennan is one of those deadbeats! Do the dems really believe the American people aren’t seeing thru their agenda!?! Don’t they realize they lost because they don’t represent the American people!?! The American people just wish they’d leave the country and go to their choice of socialist countries – Venezuela would be my pick for them! Take all the hard left dumbells with you, especially Brennan!

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