Obama’s U.S. Agency For International Development Targets “Heterosexual” Norms Overseas

Dec 30th, 2013 | By | Category: Featured

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CentralAmericaHIVYour hard-earned tax dollars are hard at work in the Obama Administration. They’re now being used by the U.S. Agency For International Development (USAID) to attack heterosexual norms in other nations around the globe.

The primary target at this point is Central America, where USAID is pushing the Central America Project for a Sustainable Response to HIV (PASCA II).

The goal of the program is to fight “stigma” associated with homosexuals, intravenous drug users, prisoners, prostitutes (called “sex workers” by USAID), transsexuals, and other sexual deviates.

USAID will encourage sexuality and gender-equal workplace policies – including promoting the notion that people who have a gender identity disorder – will be protected in the workplace. These are individuals who are mentally ill and need treatment. They think they’re actually the opposite sex and they believe that they should be treated as if they were normal. This includes men wearing dresses to work and using women’s restrooms and shower facilities or women wishing to use men’s restrooms.

In short, your tax dollars will be used to hand out condoms to homosexuals, normalize cross-dressing and transsexuality, remove the “stigma” from men and women who prostitute themselves or are drug addicts, and will be used to fight against “heterosexual norms” in Central America.

Read more on this at WorldNetDaily.

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