Our Condolences To Senator Inhofe & His Wife On Loss Of Their Son

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Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) and his son Dr. Perry Inhofe.

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) and his son Dr. Perry Inhofe.

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) lost his son in a plane crash on Sunday afternoon near Tulsa, Oklahoma.

We wish to extend our prayers to the Inhofe family for this tragic accident and we mourn with them over their loss.

Dr. Perry Inhofe, 52, was an orthopedic surgeon from Tulsa who was an avid flyer like his father who has flown small aircraft for more than 50 years.

Dr. Inhofe had been a licensed pilot since 2009. He was flying alone from Salina, Kansas to Tulsa when he sent out a distress signal around 3:30 on Sunday afternoon. By 4 p.m. his plane had crashed in a heavily wooded area north of the Tulsa airport.

James Inhofe taught Perry to fly in the family’s 1954 Grumman Tiger – and this tradition was passed on by Perry to his 16-year-old son Cole — who made his first landing in September at an air show in Wisconsin.

Senator Inhofe and Kay have been married 53 years and have three surviving children and many grandchildren.

He has been a stalwart in fighting for social conservative causes in the Senate!

Learn more about Senator Inhofe and about his son’s untimely death: Meet Jim | U.S. Senator for Oklahoma Senator James M. Inhofe; Okla. Sen. Inhofe’s Son, 52, Killed in Plane Crash; NTSB Says Investigation Is Ongoing; Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe says he feels ‘great’ after emergency heart surgery | News OK.  



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