‘Predatory Humanism’ And The Plunder Of Haiti: ‘Clinton Robin Hood In Reverse Must Be Punished’

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Global Research, a leftist organization has recently posted an expose of the Clinton Global Initiative and how it raked in millions by exploiting the tragic earthquake that killed at least 200,000 Haitians in 2010.

According to researchers:

Around the world, and especially in rich donor countries, we’ve become complacent about charity, perhaps thinking that charities normally do lots more good than harm, so why should they be closely scrutinized. The Clinton Foundation and its vast network of sham charities and donors proves why the general public and numerous governments must finally get serious about regulating charities, and especially those that operate internationally.

It is a sad truth, and perhaps an unalterable one, that appeals for donations involving children, disasters and disease will always uncork streams of incoming donations, particularly so now that the internet makes it so easy to spread cash all over the world. It is also a sad truth that politicians need money to fund campaigns and lifestyles, and that the stock and volume of illegally obtained money needs a ready laundry. So, in too many ways, charities operated with loose or even no controls by celebrities are perfect instruments to corrupt politicians, cement political power, and transfer illegally generated sums.


From what I can tell, and from what determined readers and government authorities can discover, the network of Clinton tax-exempt entities practices charity in name only. It is false philanthropy, about which examples must be made, with stiff punishments and financial restitution. The Clinton case must not stand unexposed or unpunished. It is too large, it has operated for too long, and it taints as well as harms too many lives. Let there be a reckoning, not simply here in the United States but let donor nations and recipient nations understand what seems to have happened here. We must force the Clinton entities through their directors, foundation donors, executives, and professional advisors to account for all the money sent towards these charities and all the private gains that have been created around the world in the guise of charity.

Read more on this Clinton scam at Global Research and read Clinton Cash, that devotes a lengthy chapter showing how the Clinton’s plunder the Haitian people and funneled millions to their cronies in exchange for “donations” to their foundation. Bill, Hillary and Chelsea should be in jail – and may still end up there now that Jeff Sessions is Attorney General of the United States.

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