Rep. Buerkle Angered By Democrat Scare Tactics On Medicare

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June 16, 2011 – Republican New York Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle is disgusted by the tactics of the Democrat Party in scaring seniors into thinking Medicare is being killed by Republicans.

Buerkle told Human Events recently that many of her older constituents had received robocalls from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) telling them that Republicans were going to destroy Medicare.

According to Buerkle, “Some of my constituents were in tears and probably can’t sleep tonight because robocalls from the DCCC told them that the [House Republican] budget will get rid of their Medicare.  Those kind of tactics are mean-spirited and they lack integrity. I’m disgusted at the DCCC because, clearly, they put politics above people.”

Her district office had been inundated with at least 100 calls from angry and fearful seniors about the Democrat robocall.

Rep. Buerkle, a former nurse, began answering some of the calls herself. Buerkle noted: “Some of my constituents were in tears, and asked me why Republicans wanted to get rid of their Medicare.  I explained—to several callers, in fact—that the Republican plan does not ‘get rid of Medicare,’ that it doesn’t even affect anyone over 54, and preserves health care for the next generation of senior citizens.”

Buerkle’s district was one of 13 targeted by the DCCC for Mediscare robocalls to scare seniors into thinking Republicans are trying to destroy Medicare. Politico listed the names of the Republicans being targeted: Arizona Rep. Ben Quayle, Florida Rep. Dan Webster, Iowa Rep. Steve King, Illinois Rep. Bobby Schilling, New Hampshire Rep. Charlie Bass, Nevada Rep. Joe Heck, New Jersey Rep. Jon Runyan, New York Representatives Nan Hayworth and Ann Marie Buerkle, Ohio Rep. Steve Chabot, Pennsylvania Rep. Lou Barletta, South Dakota Rep. Kristi Noem and Virginia Rep. Scott Rigell.”

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2 Comments to “Rep. Buerkle Angered By Democrat Scare Tactics On Medicare”

  1. Jude Colvin says:

    republicans fight to continue giving oil companies billions in subsidies when these companies are making record profits and at the same time propose ending medicare and social security. What about people 54 and under? Republicans all across the country seem to want to push the middle class into poverty. I’m glad the robo calls are getting the truth out there. Google for a list of repbulicans who want to end these programs and you’ll find the facts. When I hear about their new ideas on child labor laws, stripping unions, ending social programs we’re paying into it, holding out on making decisions over the debt ceiling, shutting down state governments… makes me think of them as domestic enemies. What’s that saying? an oath I think to defend our constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. I think we got some Domestic enemies that are emerging now to deal with. If republicans get their way with everything we’ll all be standing around outside in the cold around burning barrels like that back to the future movie where Biff owns his casino/empire..
    Be sure to vote these guys out of their political careers soon

    Remember, they’re fighting to give record breaking profit oil companies billions while telling working people that they must bear more sacrifice in so many different ways, stripping unions, making medicare cost more ending social security, etc. Republicans are domestic enemies and we will defeat them.

    • wjmurray says:

      Governments should not pick winners and losers and that is all the tax code is about. Democrats and Republicans set the corporate tax rate at 35%, the highest in the world, and then handed out 60,000 pages of “exceptions” for guys in their hometowns. Don’t blame Republicans alone. During the first two years of Obama the Dems controlled both houses and handed out even more exemptions and deductions, most to high tech donors to Obama and the Democratic Party. Conservatives believe in an even playing field and want all tax loopholes closed which would allow the corporation tax rate to drop to around 10%. Right now GE pays no tax at all on billions of profit while the local dog kennel has to pay 35%. This is wrong. Everyone should pay something to defend the nation. There should be no one exempt from income tax. The burger flipper who make minimum wage should pay at least 1% of his income to have ownership in the nation. NO ONE SHOULD GET A FREE RIDE UNLESS THEY ARE TRULY INCAPACITATED.

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