Rep. Steve King: We’ll Defend Constitution Against Obama

Jan 17th, 2013 | By | Category: News Flashes

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GING-PAC endorsed Rep. Steve King (R-IA) was on Fox News recently to discuss Obama’s last press conference of the year on January 15. During that presser, Obama smeared Republicans and accused them of wanting to let poor children starve to death, let the elderly die from cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, and to let the nation go into default on its bills. He vowed to defend the Constitution against Obama.  

Obama made it clear that if he can’t get the debt limit raised by Congress, he’ll find a way to ignore Congress and do it himself. He has no legitimate authority to do this, but he considers himself above the law.

King said of Obama’s plan:

“He does not have the constitutional authority to raise the debt limit. And, I understand that the White House has receded from that argument in the last several days. But, if the president should decide to defy the Constitution it does put the House in the position that we have to defend it. We’ve all taken an oath to uphold the constitution and we respect the oath we gave unlike the president who seems to think he can cavalierly cast aside the language of the constitution and his oath of office.”

Watch Rep. King’s interview on Fox News:

The House of Representatives may find themselves facing a clear constitutional crisis with Obama’s tyrannical actions. Shutting down parts of the government is one option; impeachment of the President is another one. Obama squeaked by with 51% of the vote in the presidential election. He wasn’t elected Czar or King of America – and he has sworn an oath to defend the Constitution. If he routinely ignores the Constitution, he has broken his oath of office and is operating as a tyrant. He must be held accountable to the American people and to the Constitution. Obama is not above the law – and the Constitution is a binding document he must obey.

Barack Hussein Obama operates like Venezuelan tyrant Hugo Chavez. The Republican-controlled House must resist him on every policy decision he makes – and put roadblocks in front of every tyrannical action he takes. If they fail to do so, we’ll see the eventual dismantling of our nation and the emergence of a dictatorship.  

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