‘Roll Call’ Says Todd Akin Can Still Win – With Our Help!

Sep 20th, 2012 | By | Category: Candidates, News Flashes

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Todd Akin needs our prayers and financial support to defeat Obama liberal Claire McCaskill.

Roll Call magazine has reported that even though the GOP Party bosses have cut off help for Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin, he can still win – but only with outside help from groups like GING-PAC.

The magazine notes that liberal Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill is unpopular in the state and voters are reluctant to cast their ballot for her. But, Todd Akin can’t win without GING-PAC and other support.

Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee has stated that even if Akin is tied with McCaskill, his committee won’t help Akin. Isn’t that great? Priebus wants to assure a Democrat win in Missouri instead of supporting a strong social conservative. What’s wrong with this picture?  

In addition, GOP advisor Karl Rove has actually joked about murdering Akin over his misspoken comments over rape and abortion this summer. Akin has apologized, clarified and tried to move ahead with his campaign, but the GOP won’t forgive him and apparently wants a Democrat victory in Missouri this November. This is an outrage!

Fortunately, Fox News commentator Mike Huckabee and Christian talk show host James Dobson have both recently expressed their support for Akin and his effort to win McCaskill’s seat. They’re not willing to let an Obama liberal spent another four years in the Senate working to destroy our economy, and defending the abortion industry or the gay agenda so loved by Obama.

Help Todd Akin win over Claire McCaskill in November by donating today to GING-PAC. Let’s fire this Obama clone and elect a dedicated Christian conservative to the Senate!

If you’d like to tell the GOP Republican National Committee what you think about them cutting off funds to Todd Akin, click here.


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