Strange-Moore Faceoff ‘Most Important Senate Race In Generation’

Sep 21st, 2017 | By | Category: Candidates, U.S. Senate

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Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore The Republican Party has swept all of the special elections to replace members of Congress tapped by President Trump for posts in his administration. But there’s another one coming up: next week’s GOP runoff in Alabama between seated temporary Sen. Luther Strange, the state’s former attorney general, and Judge Roy…

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2 Comments to “Strange-Moore Faceoff ‘Most Important Senate Race In Generation’”

  1. Keith Green says:

    Trump is supporting Strange because he is a known quantity to him. But Moore is a known quantity to Alabama voters. The establishment has removed him twice and we the voters will not be overruled. We are highly motivated and will not be dissuaded. The negative and misleading adds by senate leadership are the last nail in Strange’s coffin. Strange’s appointment doesn’t pass the smell test after Bentley was removed from office.
    Don’t take it personally Trump/Pence but Alabama voters will not be told what to do by Washington. We know what is best for our state and the nation. That’s why we elected Trump.

  2. Roger Abraham says:

    Mr Prez, you need to support Roy Moore! He will help you drain the swamp! you’re a great president, and I’m with you all the way except on this one. Support Moore!

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