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Warren Davidson Runs For Boehner’s Seat

Jan 26th, 2016 | By

Warren knows that life begins at conception, marriage is between one man and one woman, and individuals and businesses should be able to practice their faith without big brother watching over their shoulders. Warren will work to ensure our laws reflect these Constitutional truths. We need leaders who will take action. Warren will defend religious liberty, the lives of the unborn, and family values.

Congressman Gohmert Reflects On 2015 Battles In The U.S. House Of Representatives

Dec 30th, 2015 | By
William J. Murray and Congressman Louie Gohmert

We welcome legal immigrants, but must enforce our border as a matter of national security. In the last Congress, I stopped the House bill that Boehner had secretly drafted the last week of July and had acquired enough Republican pledges to pass it, even without anyone reading it.

Rep. Schweikert: Losing Committee Seat For Standing On Principle

Dec 11th, 2012 | By

In Washington, principle is a frequent casualty of the unrelenting pursuit of power.

In order to climb the ranks, to get appointed to the plush committees, to advance a bill or to just get a seat at the table, you have to be a loyal foot soldier.

For conservative Republicans, this means a choice: stifle our beliefs in support of allegedly more palatable positions, or stick to our guns. We are courted, coaxed, pressured and when all else fails, we are threatened.

Inside the Beltway, they call this “being a team player.”

Debt Deal Divided Conservatives

Aug 2nd, 2011 | By

August 2, 2011 – Yesterday’s vote on the Budget Control Act has divided conservatives in the House. In a 269-161 vote, 66 conservatives voted against the legislation. The Democrat-controlled Senate is expected to vote on the Budget Control Act later today – and it is expected to pass. Last Friday, in Senate vote on a

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Debt Ceiling ‘Deal’ Morphs Hourly

Aug 1st, 2011 | By

August 1, 2011 – Keeping an accurate track of the Republican/Democrat battle over the debt ceiling is as easy as nailing jello to a wall. The Republican-proposed legislation seems to change hourly and no one seems to know exactly what sort of “deal” was struck yesterday evening. In last night’s press conference, President Obama seemed

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Senator Chuck Schumer Tells Colleagues To Label GOP As Extremist

Mar 30th, 2011 | By

March 30, 2011 – Before he realized that journalists were on the Democrat leadership phone call, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) told his colleagues to use the word “extreme” whenever describing Republican legislative efforts. Democrats were encouraged to link Tea Party activists to Republicans.