The Common Threads Emerging Among GOP Primary Insurgents

Aug 10th, 2017 | By | Category: Featured

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Kelli Ward is challenging Sen. Jeff Flake.

The sluggish pace of legislative progress on President Donald Trump’s agenda has handed GOP insurgents in congressional contests a potent political weapon to wield against incumbent lawmakers. Nevada businessman Danny Tarkanian announced Tuesday on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” that he was launching a 2018 Republican primary challenge against Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.). Heller, the only…

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2 Comments to “The Common Threads Emerging Among GOP Primary Insurgents”

  1. Roger Abraham says:

    Lets get rid of all those globalists who don’t give a darn about the American people!! It’s time to start massaging the American voter by the do nothing congress or get rid of them all!
    Mitch McConnell is a great place to start – he’s been obstructing this presidents agenda big time! We don’t need ‘lifetime’ politicians working for us who think ‘slow as a snail’ is normal! They need to do what they were hired to do, and do it with a vengeance, or get out of the business. Lifetime luxury is not an option! Put them all on Obamacare, and take away the massive benefits and retirement program (ps those massive benefits cost the American people more than most Americans make in a year, and the retirement program is shameful!

  2. M.K says:

    Why don’t you endorse Judge Roy Moore he is running for the US Senate in Alabama? Judge Roy Moore whom I have known for many years is a good honest, Godly and well qualified man with many years of experience in government.

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