The Democrat Party Establishment Hates Voter ID Laws

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Every public opinion poll shows that between 70-80% of the American people support voter identification laws.

In fact, whites, blacks, Hispanics, Republicans and Democrats alike support voter ID laws.

Who hates voter ID laws? The ACORN activists, and the Democrat Party Establishment – including Attorney General Eric Holder.

Holder claims there’s very little voter fraud and he quotes from a Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) survey to prove it. Not so, fast, says organization head.

According to RNLA Chair David Cross: “Holder is so desperate that he intentionally misquotes an RNLA survey.  The brief internet survey was to show the vast majority of states have vote fraud convictions.  If Holder truly wants to cite bipartisan support for a position on vote fraud and voter ID, he needs to look no further than the largest and most important commission on vote fraud: the Carter-Baker Commission, and the Rhode Island legislature led by the Democratic Party which passed a voter ID law last year to stop vote fraud.”

“Former President Jimmy Carter (D) wrote with Republican Secretary of State James Baker that we should, “[s]upport voter ID laws that make it easy to vote but tough to cheat” in an op-ed in The New York Times. “

Just how easy is it to cheat? Well, James O’Keefe with Project Veritas entered a polling place in Washington, D.C. recently with a concealed video camera. He asked the voting official if he had a ballot for Eric Holder. When O’Keefe said he didn’t have his identification with him, the polling official said that was okay. He’d give him the ballot anyway.

O’Keefe later stood in front of the Department of Justice and asked if he needed a photo ID to enter the DOJ to meet with AG Holder. He confirmed that he had to have an ID to get into the building – yet Holder opposes voter ID laws around the country.

Attorney General Eric Holder is doing everything he can to protect voter fraud in the U.S. Why? Because that’s how Democrats win elections.

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