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Mar 1st, 2024 | By | Category: Featured, Newsletters
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Some “religious schools” just as bad as Harvard

The total dysfunction at Harvard University is not an example of elite higher education, it is an example of education at virtually every level in the United States.

            The “woke” problem with schools is not new. The roots of “woke” are deep and have penetrated even “religious schools.” In 2021 the Catholic Register published an article titled ‘Woke’ Catholic Schools Offer Poison in Place of the Gospel. The article detailed how “justice counselors” hired by the Catholic school systems were indoctrinating students to hate the free enterprise system, police and white men, while promoting transsexuals over women in sports.

            Media star Megan Kelly pulled her kids from a New York City private school where the tuition was $54,000 a year because they were being taught racial hatred instead of academics. Several multi-millionaires in New York have done the same, and many are moving to Florida.

            What does this have to do with the 2024 election? A lot!

            Schools in densely populated “blue states” are graduating millions of students each year who can vote for president at age 18. Many cannot read well or do simple math, but they are positive that the police and Republicans are dangerous enemies of theirs.

            In the 12 months prior to the election nearly four million kids will turn 18 and be eligible to vote. More than 3 million of those will be graduated from blue state schools!

Starting the process

            GING-PAC will begin the process of reviewing candidates, as clear winners come out of primary elections. There is no need to look at the presidential side of the election, as the two candidates are obvious — unless the deep state decides to dump Biden at the last minute.

            Is a Biden ouster by the Deep State possible? Yes! Will Michelle Obama be the replacement? No! The Obama’s are enjoying a golden life of million dollar speaking engagements, private jets and 5-star resorts all over the world.

            The Obama’s are not going to give up a life of wealthy leisure to work the required 18-hour days, 7 days a week in order to go back to the White House. Just not going to happen.

            Who will the Biden replacement be? Not VP Kamala Harris.

            Look West … California governor Gavin Newsom is running a stealth campaign. Just prior to the Democratic primary in South Carolina he was on a speaking tour there to “support President Biden.” Really? Somehow the governor of California is helping the incumbent president’s election campaign in South Carolina? Sure, just like it snowed in Havana, Cuba.

            Could Gavin Newsom beat Donald Trump?

            Let’s get real … There are only about six battleground states: Michigan, Georgia, Arizonia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nevada. When it comes down to it, the key states with high electoral vote numbers are Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania — but all six matter.

            Could Newsom take any of those away from Trump?

            Before we dig deeper in that question we have to see if Biden will do a hand-off to Newsom and head off someplace to try to recall the names of his grandchildren.

            What is really important to us right now is to win the Senate seats in some of these states:

            Number One:   Win open Senate seat in Michigan as Democrat Debbie Stabenow leaves   Number Two:   Defeat radical left Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown in Ohio
            Number Three: Defeat Bob Casey in Ohio – this will be a difficult one!
            Number Four:  Help Tammy Baldwin win in Wisconsin – tight, but can be done.
            Number Five:   New Mexico, Virginia and Montana are also possible wins.

            The big advantage? Ten Republicans are up for re-election … but … twenty Democrats plus three “independents” who caucus with Democrats are up for re-election. We can do this!

            In 2024 I want to have funds to back men and women for the House and Senate who stand up for the unborn and are not afraid to face the “woke” media head on. I want to back true conservatives who will stop inflation by limiting government spending.

            Please send a donation by return mail or donate today at GINGPAC.ORG  Thank you!

William J. Murray, GING-PAC Chairman

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