Government Is Not God – PAC was founded in 1992 by William J. Murray, who is currently its chairman.  The PAC was founded the day after Mr. Murray attended an official RNC fund raising dinner in Washington, DC.  Many who attended became intoxicated and obnoxious.  Some at the table with Mr. Murray and a pro-life Congressman became rude and referred to them as “religious right wing nuts”.  It was at that dinner that Mr. Murray decided there was a need for a PAC that supported social conservative candidates who were pro-life, pro-family and whose lives were centered on God rather than personal gain. GING-PAC was born free of Republican Party influence.

GING-PAC is different in a very important way from social conservative organizations that are non-profit or church related.  While these social conservative non-profits can work for pro-family legislation, they are prohibited by federal election laws and IRS rules from directly supporting candidates for public office.

GING-PAC is a true social conservative political action committee.  GING-PAC can do more than educate people about the candidates – much more. GING-PAC can donate money directly to social conservative candidates for their campaigns. GING-PAC can also run independent radio, TV, and newspaper ads favoring socially conservative candidates, and with no financial limitations! 

GING-PAC stands for Government Is Not God Political Action Committee.  The name says it all.  We support candidates who believe God is God and the Government should never try to be!

About the GING-PAC Chairman

William J. Murray also heads the Religious Freedom Coalition in Washington, DC, an advocacy organization dedicated to preserving the rights of Christians in the United States through legislative action. That organization also aids persecuted Christians around the world. The Religious Freedom Coalition assists Iraqi and Syrian Christian refugees and supports Christian schools in Islamic areas. William J. Murray has made numerous fact finding missions to the Middle East and has appeared on every major TV news outlet. He has written numerous columns for WND.COM.

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