GINGPAC Newsletter, Nov/Dec 2022

Mar 15th, 2023 | By | Category: Featured, Newsletters
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Joe Biden wins the Senate.

What went wrong? To start with, a Muslim and Turkish citizen running on the GOP ticket in Pennsylvania. TV celebrity Dr. Oz “won” the GOP primary with just 30% of the vote. Most Republicans wanted nothing to do with him, but enough of them held their nose to give him 46% of the vote. Thanks to Dr. Oz, the Republicans lost a seat held for decades.

Arizona is the state of Barry Goldwater and John McCain. Now, it has two far leftwing Democrats as Senators! Arizona should have been a pickup state for the GOP, but democrat Mark Kelly is now sitting in the seat once held by Barry Goldwater.

The problem was GOP Senate candidate Blake Masters who centered his campaign on Trump being cheated in Arizona back in the 2020 election. With massive inflation costing the average household $433 a month more for essentials now than last year, average voters were interested in their wallets today — not what happened in 2020.

The Arizona story was repeated in several other states both in House and Senate elections. Republican candidates who centered on the economy tended to win, and those who centered their campaigns on the 2020 election vote counting problems tended to lose.

Were there big issues with vote counting in 2020? Yes. But the memory of American voters is short. They want to know what a candidate is going to do about today, not yesterday.

How did GING-PAC do? Overall, GING-PAC did well.


Senator Rand Paul: GING-PAC endorsed Senator Paul won a decisive victory in Kentucky with 62% of the vote. Rand Paul centered his campaign on the economy and the disaster of the Covid-19 lockdowns, mostly caused by the forked tongue Dr. Fauci who was until this month the highest paid employee ever of the government.

Dr. Fauci now claims he did not promote lockdowns or recommend kids be kept out of schools. Rand Paul exposed this liar and the economic damage he did throughout his campaign.

Senator James Lankford: There was a double victory for GING-PAC in Oklahoma. Senator Lankford, who heads the Senate Values Action Team, won with 54% of the vote. Lankford leads the fight for social conservative values and International Religious Freedom in the Senate. I have a meeting scheduled with the Senator in December.

Markwayne Mullin won the special election in Oklahoma with 62% of the vote to replace my good friend Senator Inhofe who retired. Mullin will serve out four years of Inhofe’s term. This was a double win for GING-PAC despite a very bad night for Republicans otherwise. But these were not the only Senate victories for GING-PAC!

Ted Budd: GING-PAC backed Ted Budd won the open Senate seat in North Carolina despite an onslaught of far-left money poured into the state from New York and California. The election was close and the Libertarians taking 2% of the vote hurt Budd. But a win is a win.

Tim Scott: GING-PAC endorsed Tim Scott who won reelection in South Carolina with 63% of the vote. I have shared many photos of myself with Senator Scott over the years. He is easy to communicate with and well versed in the Bible. Often, I have been at events with him and could not decide if he was campaigning or preaching.

In 2024 he could very well be the vice-presidential candidate.

J.D Vance: I met with and wrote articles about J.D Vance and his campaign in Ohio. He was one of the only “celebrity” Republicans with no elected office experience who won. He received 53% but should have done better. He won while the celebrity GOP candidates for the Senate, Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker struggled.

Vance grew up poor and learned hard work, not welfare, was the way to move up the economic ladder in America. He will bring that to the Senate with him.

GING-PAC endorsed Senators Ron Johnson (WI) and John Kennedy (LA) won reelection and I look forward to working with them.


In the House races GING-PAC won some, lost some and a few are still dangling.

Lauren Boebert (CO-3) is hanging on by a few hundred votes, but expect a couple of recounts. Boebert owns a restaurant in Colorado with Bible verses on the wall. She encourages people to show up armed and is a big 2nd Amendment advocate and Trump supporter.

In Minnesota our candidate, Cicely Davis, lost to anti-Semite and leftwing Muslim nutcase Ilhan Omar which sort of explains why Minneapolis is a total basket case.

Yesli Vega lost in Virginia-7. That was the biggest disappointment I had on election night. Her win would have been big, and the left knew it. She was outspent as Democrats poured millions in to stop a conservative Hispanic from representing Virginia. I met with Yesli and Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin while supporting her campaign.

We did win some. GING-PAC endorsed Mike Carey won in the Ohia-5. Julia Letlow, whom we supported in a special election in 2020, won a full term in the Louisanna-5.

Other GING-PAC candidates winning reelection were Burgess Owens in the Utah-4, and Bill Posey in the Florida-8.

About Ron DeSantis

In the next newsletter I plan on an analysis of the Ron De Santis victory. Right now we need to focus on special elections in 2023 starting with the opening in Virginia-4 caused by the death of Congressman Donald McEachin just after the election.

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William J. Murray, GING-PAC Chairman

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