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The “Zelotes” and the Pluralists

The battle for Speaker: Somewhere along the way I lost count of how many voting rounds there were before Congressman Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker of the House. Was it the 14th round or 15th? To get the job that no one else really wanted anyway, he gave away much of the power traditionally held by the Speaker.

The Republicans should have easily gained 25 or 30 seats in the 2022 election, but instead gained only nine seats. To control the House a party needs 218 seats but the Republicans managed to get only 222, just four more than needed.

Speaker McCarthy finally agreed to allow any one congressman to call a snap vote to oust him as part of the deal to get the job no one else wanted. The Gaetz/Boebert faction won everything they wanted, however, the brawl has caused deep division and with some Republican members vowing not to speak to each other even if they serve on the same committees.

Yes, a small group of what some would call “zealots” have Speaker McCarthy in a situation where he has not much room to negotiate. But, the Democrats have the real zealots. The far-left zealots led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) have dragged the Democrat party so far to the left it is out of spectrum.

So where is the House? It is basically a showcase for much bravado and very little action. The Republicans cannot pass any major legislation unless the moderate Republicans and the far-right Republicans can agree. A loss of just six votes form either side means that Republican legislation fails without Democrat help. Fat chance of that.

The vast majority of Republican congressmen are in the middle of the party. They are pro-life, social conservatives who want lower spending but are willing to take 80% or 90% of what they want for now and get more later.

The Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert faction will not take less than 100% and they have the 25 or so votes to block legislation if Speaker McCarthy allows any compromise at all. The debt ceiling battle is a good example.

What does all this mean? The Republicans in the House have wounded themselves and there is blood in the water that the Democrat sharks will zoom in on. Rather than get more conservative legislation passed, the divided Republicans will hand the advantage to the Democrats. This is not the first time this has happened and probably will not be the last.

(Note: GING-PAC endorsed and supported Congresswoman Lauren Boebert.)

GING-PAC has consistently supported candidates who have joined the Freedom Caucus after being elected. I have met dozens of times with Congressman Jim Jordan and have even been to his birthday parties.

For the Freedom Caucus to prevail and for the self-wounding Republicans to control the House, the Republicans must win an additional 25 to 30 seats in the 2024 election.

We need more social conservatives in the House and that can happen in 2024 if we have a presidential candidate who can unify a diverse base of social and economic conservatives. Right now the leading candidates are Donald Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis.

(Note: Governor DeSantis, who served in the House is also a founding member of the Freedom Caucus.)

Already the Trump and DeSantis camps are handing blows to each other, and that may result in both being weakened.


Senator James Lankford: I was at the very first meeting of the Senate Values Action Team back in the 1980s. One of the most successful heads of that caucus was former Senator Sam Brownback. It is now led by Senator Lankford who is truly making a difference in the Senate on behalf of pro-life social conservatives.

Senator Lankford, who is endorsed by GING-PAC, received 54% of the vote last November to win reelection. Senator Lankford will continue to lead the fight for social conservative values and International Religious Freedom in the Senate.

On December 8th my wife Nancy and I attended a luncheon organized for Senator Lankford. The lunch was small, with only about 20 invited guests including other Senators.

Senator Lankford opened the meeting with a prayer.

Opening in prayer is not a common event on Capitol Hill. I don’t know of any events held by Democrats that are opened in prayer.

Sadly, most Democrats proudly support social causes that are extreme and anti-Biblical such as sex change operations for children.

The luncheon Nancy and I attended was for a smaller group which allowed me to spend some time talking with Senator Lankford on various issues important to social conservatives.

Our discussions included the persecution of Christians and the horrid nature of medical experimentation on “gender changes” of America’s children.

Your support of GING-PAC allows me to attend events such as the luncheon with Senator Lankford. I am invited because of the political work of GING-PAC. If I am to continue to attend meetings such as the one with Senator Lankford I need your continued support.

Please send a donation by return mail or donate today at GINGPAC.ORG Thank you!

William J. Murray, GING-PAC Chairman

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