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Leon Benjamin for Congress

A strong candidate in Virginia’s 4th congressional district.

Bishop Leon Benjamin

Bishop Leon Benjamin

I have spent some time talking with Bishop Leon Benjamin and will attest to his pure heart and love for the Lord Jesus Christ. He made clear to me his pro-life and pro-family stance from the pulpit. Government is Not God – PAC has endorsed Bishop Benjamin.

Bishop Benjamin is the Senior Pastor and Bishop of New Life Harvest Church in Richmond, VA.  Bishop Benjamin is a former Democrat and Gulf War veteran, and is now an emerging evangelical leader on the national front as a media spokesperson and conservative political activist.  He has worked on President Trump’s Faith-Based Initiative.

As a community activist, Bishop Benjamin has worked with public officials, civic and community leaders to make a difference in the areas of education, business development, and economic reform.

He is also a Senior Fellow of the National Minority Technology Council where he serves as National Faith-based Liaison and Advisor to the Council.

Bishop Benjamin is the president and founder of Coalition of Leaders United (CLU), a group dedicated to advancing conservative values and restoring moral clarity in America.  As a change agent for healing and reconciliation in our nation, the core of Dr. Benjamin’s message is “It’s time to unify, America!”

Bishop Benjamin has been a strong advocate for engaging with African American churches to support a social conservative vision, and restore economic prosperity and educational opportunity.

He is also the founder of United2Pray, a national movement to intercede weekly on a conference call with evangelical pastors and the faith community to pray for the president and for the future of our nation.

Support Bishop Benjamin now and visit his Internet site at:

Pro-life candidate in Nevada 4th Congressional District

Jim Marchant

Jim Marchant

Jim Marchant founded an Internet Service Provider (ISP) company before Al Gore “invented!” the Internet. Along with his success came public service, and in 1999 Gov. Jeb Bush and the Florida Legislature appointed Benjamin to serve on the Florida Information Service and Technology Development Task Force.

Jim Marchant has lived in Las Vegas since 2005 but did not run for office until 2016. He won a seat in the Nevada State Legislator by running a pro-business, pro-life campaign. He is now running for a Democrat held congressional seat.

I personally talked with Jim Marchant about his pro-life and social conservative positions. We have communicated many times by text message as well.

Government Is Not God PAC has endorsed Jim Marchant for Congress.  Jim Marchant is the candidate in the race for NV-4 with a proven conservative record, and with a record as a businessman who has created jobs. Congressman Jim Jordan and Nevada Right to Life have joined Government is Not God –PAC in endorsing Jim Marchant for Congress!

Support Jim Marchant now. Visit his Internet site at:

Tommy Tuberville in Run-off against Jeff Sessions in Alabama Senate race.


Tuberville left while a coach, and Jeff Sessions right

Tuberville left while a coach, and Jeff Sessions right

Two Christian candidates are running against each other and facing a run-off vote on July 14. They both seek to replace Democrat Doug Jones in the Senate. Jeff Sessions held this seat for 20 years before President Trump appointed him Attorney General. After he recused himself from the Russian hoax “investigation,” he fell out with President Trump and was forced to resign.

It was subsequently discovered that FBI agents lied to obtain false warrants and that the entire investigation was a Deep State effort to subvert the election of 2016.

            Sessions seeks to get back into the Senate, but Tuberville is a strong candidate who has been endorsed by former governor Mike Huckabee because of his strong socially conservative views.

            He is a staunch pro-lifer and has stated: “As a Christian conservative, I will always stand up for those who can’t do so on their own.”

At his Internet site, he states, “I will fight to protect the sanctity of every human life, because future generations may very well look back at the current wave of infanticide sweeping across our nation as this generation’s holocaust.”

Tuberville is also nationally recognized as one of the most successful college football coaches in American history.

            GING-PAC has not yet received completed candidate questionnaires, and I have not talked to either candidate. As a result, no endorsement is made at this time for the Alabama race.

Dale Crafts Seeks 2nd District Congressional Seat in Maine


Dale Crafts

Dale Crafts

Maine businessman Dale Crafts wants to serve the people of Maine in Congress from the 2nd Congressional District. Crafts was paralyzed from the waist down in 1983, at just 25 years old when a car turned left in front of his motorcycle. He later founded a mobility company to help others like himself be able to drive.

            The permanent injury did not affect his faith. At his Internet site he declares, “I have been blessed, raising 6 children and now having 14 grandchildren who all live right here in Maine. Craft describes himself as “a Christian man of faith” who raised his family in the church and taught Sunday school for 15 years.

On the abortion issue he states that he is, “100% pro-life and have always been an advocate for the unborn.”

            Crafts formed a mobility company within months after his accident, as a way to help others with injuries such as his lead more normal lives. He expanded that first venture into several profitable businesses employing many workers. He also served in the Maine House of Representatives from 2008-2016 where he was a voice for fiscal and social conservative values.

Crafts faces two GOP opponents in the primary on July 14th.  In November, the winner will face incumbent Congressman Jared Golden, an abortion advocate.

GING-PAC does not normally endorse candidates in the primary elections.

More information is available at

Defeat Rashida Tlaib in Michigan’s 13th Congressional District

            Three Republicans and one Democrat have lined up to try and defeat the foul-mothed Sunni Muslim Democrat who now represents western Detroit and some suburbs.

Many of the western suburbs of Detroit are majority Orthodox Christians who have fled Islamic oppression. They tried to defeat Tlaib at the ballot box, but unfortunately Democrats in the city of Detroit had enough voting strength to put this member of the progressive “Squad” in office.

The Board of the Office of Congressional Ethics found “substantial reasons” to believe Tlaib paid herself $45,500 using funds from her campaign committee after the 2018 election, a violation of federal campaign finance regulations.

Nothing was done however, and Tlaib is still on the Democrat primary ballot facing Brenda Jones who formerly served out the term of John Conyers who died in office in the 13th District.

The Republican primary election is August 4th, and the two main Republican contenders are both pro-life social and economic conservatives.

One of them, Al Lemmo describes himself as a “devoted Christian who believes fervently that the lives of prenatal children matter.”

Lemmo is a retired engineer who believes he can make a difference for Michigan. The Internet site for his campaign also states that  “ Al is a passionate defender of our United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, and he believes that our government has strayed far from what our Founding Fathers originally intended for the government’s role in our lives.”

Another strong Republican contender in the primary is David Dudenhoefer who refers to himself as “Dude.” His campaign Internet site is

The “Dude” does not mention his faith but has a powerful message on abortion:

In order to defend liberty, we must be willing to take the moral high ground to defend all life, before, during and after birth.

As a man, I will never know what women experience, nor will I pretend to understand. However, no one has the right to take a life.

We should strive to create an environment and a culture which encourages the preservation of life, and the well-being of that life after they are born. This desperately needed shift in thinking must come from each of us, through a strong family unit, not from government. 

Dudenhoefer also has strong statements on keeping the government out of our school classrooms and promoting free trade.

Christian Conservative Democrat Running For New York 15th congressional district

            One of my good friends, Reverend Ruben Diaz, Sr., is running to represent the 15th Congressional District in New York.  I have known Rev. Diaz for quite a long time.

            In fact, back in 2003 I organized a rally in support of confirmation for Judge John G. Roberts, in front of Senator Hillary Clinton’s office on Capitol Hill. Then a state senator,       Rev. Diaz led more than 150 pastors from New York to the rally, calling for both U.S. Senators Clinton and Schumer to vote for the confirmation of Judge Roberts for the Supreme Court.

            Reverend Diaz is pro-life and more conservative than many of the Republicans now serving in the House and Senate. Currently in the New York City council, he was previously a New York state senator.

            A coalition of pro-abortion and gay activist groups have attacked Diaz for his Biblical stands on the rights of the unborn and the “sin” of homosexuality. The group is headed up by Planned Parenthood, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and the LGBTQ Victory Fund.

Reverend Diaz has been endorsed by the New York City Police association.

Donate to GING-PAC today to help elect social conservatives to the House and Senate. We must take back the House from tyrant Pelosi and her minions and add more social conservatives to the Senate. GING-PAC needs your help for the November election!!!

William J. Murray, GING-PAC Chairman

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