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May 18th, 2023 | By | Category: Featured, Newsletters
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Welcome to Third World Politics

Let’s start with this: The current president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, was convicted of corruption in 2017. Even before his appeals were completed, he was jailed in 2018 and served almost two years in jail.

Former President Bolsonaro is not being investigated for causing a mob to attack government buildings to overturn the election of Lula de Silva. Sound familiar?

Meanwhile: Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Argentina’s current vice president and former president, was convicted of fraud but remains in office and out of prison because her position carries immunity and because she’s launched what’s expected to be a lengthy appeal.

Also charged and or convicted and in jail right now are Alvao Uribe, former president of Columbia, Jeanine Anez, former president of Bolivia, and Juan Orlando Hernandez, former president of Honduras. There is a longer list that would take up too much room.

All of the former leaders being accused including President Donald Trump have one thing in common: The political party in opposition to them is trying to jail them.

But there is more to it than that … In the case of President Trump, the charges were filed by a local New York City district attorney alleging a violation of New York law for the purpose of violating a federal law. What? The Feds already decided President Trump did not commit a crime and the Justice Department did not pursue the matter that the New York district attorney Bragg is claiming he intended to violate. What?

If this sounds confusing it is because the case the District Attorney Bragg has brought against President Trump is so convoluted no one in the legal community can follow it.

The Wallstreet Journal tore apart the case against President Trump.

            A Wallstreet Journal editorial said: “Here’s the big question that Mr. Bragg still hasn’t adequately answered: Where is the second crime? Recall that falsifying business records is a misdemeanor in New York. It’s a felony only if the books were cooked with “an intent to commit another crime or to aid or conceal the commission thereof.” When Mr. Trump worked out this reimbursement arrangement with Mr. Cohen, what other crime was he allegedly trying to cover up?” (WSJ 4/4/23)

            The answer of course is there was no second “crime.” Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) are not against the law. Virtually every technical employee in the world must sign an agreement not to discuss the company or their work even if they quit or get fired. Many lawsuits end with an NDA as part of the settlement. As a businessman President Trump has had non-disclosure agreements with employees, business partners, contractors, etc.

            Nothing new here … Except a woman who sells her body on the Internet wanting to make money by accusing a wealthy, powerful man of a crime he did not commit along with a George Soros funded district attorney who lets murderers walk the streets without bail.

            Has the United States joined the likes of Brazil, Columbia, Argentina and Honduras in the way political rivals are prosecuted by the party in power? Not exactly, what is going on with President Trump is one step below Brazil. At least in Brazil the proceedings are handled with a façade of decency and pomp.

Staying clear of the presidential elections.

            Since  we backed Mike Huckabee for President, I have kept GING-PAC out of the presidential races and stuck with House and Senate races. Why? Keeping GING-PAC out of presidential politics had to do with money. There were hundreds of millions of dollars spent for and against President Trump in 2016 and 2020. GING-PAC spending would not count!

            Rather than try to compete on the presidential level I targeted GING-PAC support on close winnable races in congressional and Senate seats, and we had some great wins like Senators J.D Vance in Ohio and Ted Budd in North Carolina. All six GING-PAC candidates for Senate won in 2022. In the House races we lost a few and we won a few. We made a difference.

            I expect some of our winning candidates to be targeted by liberal local prosecutors on phony charges because a precedent has now been set. This is bad news for America.

            The best outcome for America can come if conservatives take back the Senate and expand power in the House past a six-seat majority. I am going to double down on winning Senate and House seats in 2024 and I hope you will join me in that battle.

Your support of GING-PAC allows me to support social conservative candidates for the House and Senate. Because of your support I have the ability to personally meet with those candidates and urge them to promote social conservative values and religious freedom.

Please send a donation by return mail or donate today at GINGPAC.ORG. Thank you!

William J. Murray, GING-PAC Chairman

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