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Feb 5th, 2021 | By | Category: Newsletters
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The 2020 election – It is official: The Democrats took over the Senate when both incumbent Republican senators were defeated in the solid Republican state of Georgia on January 5th. The Republican party in Georgia has been destroyed by infighting and in the next election the Democrats will probably take over the governorship as well.

How bad is it: There is no way to curtail Joe Biden during the first two years of his term. As was true in Obama’s first two years, Joe Biden will be able to do what he wants with no challenge from the House or Senate now controlled by Democrats. Government will move left while the people move right.

On day one of the new administration Joe Biden destroyed girls’ sports by signing an executive order making it mandatory for any school that accepts federal funds to allow transgender athletes to compete according to their “preferred gender.” Public schools, including universities, must now allow males who claim to be females to participate in competitive girls’ sports. Many female runners and swimmers who trained hard for years have walked away in defeat as a transgender male full of testosterone finished well in front of them.

Biden has also ordered that bathrooms may be chosen according to the declaration of an individual’s  “preferred gender” on a given day. And of course, he has ordered the military to drop the Trump ban on transexuals.

In addition, Biden has also opened the abortion flood gates in poor nations by allowing foreign aid to be used for “abortion counseling” which means telling poor pregnant women where to go to get rid of their unborn child. Although he claims to be a Catholic, he has also said that abortion is a right for women. An unborn child, on the other hand, has no rights.

As a social conservative, I am even more concerned about Biden’s drive to destroy the traditional family than I am about the destruction of tens of thousands of jobs as he shuts down the construction of gas and oil pipelines and stops the drilling for oil and gas wherever he can. I will let the union leaders who supported him deal with their members on those issues.

Careful of my language: Certain words and terms cannot be used concerning the LGBT agenda. A writer who is a friend of mine has been banned from Facebook and Twitter for “hate speech” against gays. He had used Biblical terms to describe certain sexual acts. PayPal also banned him from accepting donations because of his criticism of the LGBT agenda.

Republicans running for Congress have had Facebook ads blocked, as have independent organizations. The Susan B. Anthony List, one of the biggest anti-abortion rights groups in the U.S., said Facebook blocked their political advertisements during the presidential campaign. The ads exposed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as being pro-abortion up to the moment of birth.

GING-PAC cannot advertise on Facebook. Our ads have been blocked.

The far-left leaning executives at Twitter, Facebook and Google control the social conversation and ban conservatives much to the pleasure of Democrat politicians. Amazon, the largest “cloud” provider in the world kicked right leaning Parlor off their servers. Parlor was the conservative version of Twitter — while it lasted.


The day Congress was sworn in there was an open Republican seat up for special election. A date has not been set in Louisiana’s 5th district for a special election to fill the vacancy left by Luke Letlow (R), who died on December 29, 2020 from complications related to COVID-19. He was a congressman elect and had not been sworn in. At 41 years of age, this was his first run for Congress. A sad ending for a very pro-life politician. (Note: The Democrat seat in the 2nd district is also vacant since the congressman there joined the Biden Administration.)

There will be other special elections caused by elected officials joining the Biden Administration. This much is obvious: The Senate seat of Kamala Harris must be filled, although the California governor could appoint a Senator to ride out her current term.

Biden has also appointed two congresswomen to posts, Debra Haaland of New Mexico’s 1st congressional district and Marcia Fudge of Ohio’s’ 11th congressional district.

Meanwhile in Congress the Democrats, having lost House seats are now trying to force out newly elected Republicans. It will not work, but helps Democrats raise money.


Stuff the Supreme Court? The Biden Administration has created a commission to study reforms to the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary.

The commission will be housed under the purview of the White House Counsel’s office and filled out with the behind-the-scenes help of the Biden campaign’s lawyer Bob Bauer, who will co-chair the commission. And the purpose? To figure out how to expand the Supreme Court to allow Joe Biden to add three, or even five, new justices to make the Court liberal for decades.


I have shortened the Campaign Update this month as there are not a lot of special election options, but there will be. With 425 House members, vacancies occur on a regular basis. Please help me stay ready to support pro-life, pro-family candidates as special elections come up. We can expect gains by pro-traditional family, social conservatives this year and next.

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GING-PAC endorses widow of congressman-elect Luke Letlow

Congressman Letlow died of Covid-19 just short of being sworn in to his first term.

Please note the first item on Julia Letlow’s major issues is “Pro-Life”

I had the opportunity to be part of a Zoom meeting with Julia Letlow on February the 3rd just a day before this GING-PAC update was to mail. Based on this conversation I have determined that she is the right candidate for her district and will bring a solid social conservative agenda to the House.

We social conservatives can help Julia win this seat. Donate at her Internet site at of mail a check to:

Julia Letlow for Congress
PO Box 539
Rayville, LA 71269


Government is Not God- PAC – Washington, DC

William J. Murray, GING-PAC Chairman

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