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Feb 14th, 2022 | By | Category: Featured, Newsletters
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Four kinds of Republicans running for office

            This is a critical election year. The congressional elections in November could stop cold the movement toward a radical “woke” society and socialism. Electing enough Republicans to the House and Senate may or may not be enough to stop that radical agenda.

            Why do I say, “may or may not?”

            There are four types of Republicans:

  1. Social conservatives who are also economic conservatives
  2. Economic conservatives who are also social conservatives
  3. Social conservatives who are economic liberals
  4. Economic conservatives who are social liberals (Woke)

Government is Not God – PAC endorses and funds or assists only that first category– social conservatives who are also economic conservatives.

GING-PAC does not support economic conservatives like Senator Mitt Romney who  are not dependable when voting on social issues. They may say they are anti-abortion, but will not vote for a “heart-beat” bill to stop abortion.

In rare cases I have supported a social conservative candidate who leaned liberal on economic issues — and I was always sorry for the result. They would cross the line on occasion to the big spending side.

The fourth type of Republican, the economic conservatives who are social liberals, may very well support abortion and other left leaning social agendas.

Examples of the fourth type are Senators Shelley Moore Capito (WV), Susan Collins (ME), and Lisa Murkowski (AK). Collins, Murkowski, and Capito have voted for both pro- and anti-abortion legislation, but all three back the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion.

Change is coming in November

            I receive requests for support from candidates every week, mostly for seats in the House. The entire House, consisting of 425 seats, is up for grabs every two years. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is predicting the GOP could flip more than 60 House seats in this year’s midterm elections. Twenty-nine House Democrats have already given up and announced they will not run for re-election.

            Right now Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has only a nine vote advantage having LOST seats in an election year that saw a Democrat take the White House. If just those 29 resigned seats are lost to the GOP, Kevin McCarthy will take over as Speaker with a twenty seat majority. We need to make sure the new Republcians in Congress are social conservatives.

GING-PAC endorses first 2022 candidate!

For decades I have tried to stay away from primary elections if there is more than one social conservative candidate running. Sometimes someone stands out and I make an exception.

The first week of February I received a call from Lori Saine who is running for the vacant 8th Colorado congressional district. She has been a very successful state representative and is ready to move up to the national level.

Lori has always voted pro-life and was the sponsor of the Life at Conception Act in the Colorado House. She is both a social and economic conservative. She stands against CRT instruction in the schools and is active in her church.

Lori is a Second Amendment advocate and hot on the border issue. Lori’s Internet site is located at

After reviewing her accomplishments in the State House and talking with her I believe GING-PAC should back her in the primary because she can win in November.

The Colorado primary is June 28th and Lori is the front runner, and she will more than likely win with our help. Then we can help her defeat a very radical Democrat who will probably be her opposition. Democrat Yadira Caraveo is a radical member of the Colorado House. Caraveo flat out says she will join the AOC squad in the House if elected this November. In other words, she is a socialist and CRT advocate.

There are also a number of really good social conservative Black Republicans running that I have not had time to interview. One is Cicely Davis who is running in the 5th Minnesota congressional district. She hopes to defeat radical Marxist Ilhan Omar. Yes … that Ilhan Omar, the radical supporter of ANTIFA and BLM who praised their destructive “protests” that burned out many businesses during the 2020 riots.

One of Omar’s greatest quotes is “… I’m going to burn down everything around me by adding my religion, skin color, gender and even tone.” She is a Sunni Muslim.

By the next GING-PAC Update I should have more candidates listed that you can directly support. Meanwhile, if possible, please send a contribution to GING-PAC to help us get ready to kick the Democrats out of the majority in the House and Senate by adding more real pro-family social conservatives to Congress.

To be effective in the general election in 2022, GING-PAC will need your support. Please send a donation by return mail or donate today at GINGPAC.ORG Thank you!

William J. Murray, GING-PAC Chairman

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