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The Election: What a mess!

I have held off on the last Campaign Update of the year waiting for totals that seem never to come. Not even the presidential election is settled as of the writing of this report on December 3rd.

Was there voter fraud? Well yes, there is always voter fraud in the big cities controlled by the Democrat establishment. Was it worse than in the past? Maybe.

The closer the election the more fraudulent votes count. In 2016 Trump was so far ahead that the big city fraud did not work. This election was closer because of the enemies President Trump had made in the Deep State and failures on the part of his election committee.

Trump could have come out way ahead had his committee pushed the mail-in ballots as hard as the Democrats did. Trump’s core voters were older, and many of them could not go to the polls on election day for one reason or another. The Republicans failed to get mail-in ballots to older voters. Rather than get more mail-in ballots distributed than the Democrats, the Republicans boycotted the mail-in ballots. That was a huge mistake according to analysts I have talked to inside the Beltway.

Was there fraud in the mail-in ballots? I am sure there was. But more than 40% of those ballots were for Trump. Increasing that count by just one or two percent would have overcome the fraud.

Not a total loss: The Deep State may have defeated Trump on the surface but conservatives made huge gains in the undercurrent.

Nancy Pelosi and the far left took a beating on the House side. As of this writing, Democrats lost at least 12 seats and maybe more. Many of those went to pro-life women.

The Susan B. Anthony List  is a pro-life political action committee that is much larger than GING-PAC. The Susan B. Anthony list only supports pro-life women running for office.

With all the totals still not in a month after the election, the Susan B. Anthony List reports that there are 16 new pro-life women confirmed to have won seats in the House. Five of those defeated were long-term, very liberal Democrats, while the others were elected to open seats or else defeated a more liberal Republican in a primary.

With some races still too close to call, the number of newly elected pro-life women is up to 16. Seven of these candidates flipped seats held by pro-abortion Democrats.

The pro-life Republican victors are diverse, showing what a lie the Democrats tell when stating the Republicans are all old white men.

The pro-life group includes the first Iranian American elected to Congress, a member of the Cherokee nation, a daughter of Cuban exiles, and a first-generation Korean American. This proves flat out that the Democrat Party doesn’t “own” the female voters.

Including incumbents, the total number of pro-life women in the House for the next 2021-2022 term will be 27.

Lauren Boebert wears a side arm in her restaurant in Colorado.

The pro-life, social conservatives came out great in this election even if the final result is Joe Biden moving into the White House.

Some of the winning pro-life women were standout conservatives that supported Donald Trump including Lauren Boebert (R-CO) who defeated a long serving Republican in the primary and then ran over her Democrat opponent. She owns a café in Colorado that does not serve alcohol, but she and her servers wear side arms.

Nancy Pelosi directed huge amounts of money against high profile Republican incumbents that could not be beaten because the pollsters predicted a runaway blue wave. While she was making that error, social conservative Republicans won Democrat seats in the House.            The Democrat majority numbers sank in the House, even though it is unheard of for a party to lose seats when its presidential candidate wins. When Obama beat McCain in 2008, the Democrats won the House and gained a super majority in the Senate. Joe Biden did not come close to that.

A real GING-PAC success: Burgess Owens was elected to the House for Utah’s 4th congressional district. This pro-life social conservative was endorsed by GING-PAC.

Burgess Owens sent a message to Nancy Pelosi that the Democrats do not “own” black Americans, when he won an overwhelming victory on the Republican side.

Former NFL Football star Burgess Owens

Burgess Owens is a former University of Miami and NFL star who travels the country delivering a message of optimism, hope, and unity. He spent his childhood growing up in the Deep South during a time when the barriers of segregation were being torn down.

Many pro-life Republicans do not mention abortion at their Internet sites, which really angers me. Most Republican candidates take their high paid K-Street consultants’ advice that abortion is “too divisive.”

Owens took that “K” Street advice and tossed it in the trash and ran his own campaign.

Burgess Owens’ site has a section on abortion, and the first paragraph says:

“The right to life is fundamental and given to us by God. It is no accident the evil socialist and Marxist ideology of the left seeks to devalue life so much that mothers and fathers are willing to kill their own children. All of God’s children are endowed with inalienable rights which include life. It’s hard to imagine anyone who has experienced the joy of holding a newborn baby could possibly support taking their life just moments before.”

And the section on abortion is considerably longer, giving strong arguments for the pro-life side. Under a section titled “principles” he states:

“I BELIEVE that we are all created in the image of a Heavenly Father who loves us and has designed each of us to win.  Life’s struggles, from which no one is exempt, are opportunities to learn, grow, and find our better selves.”

This is the kind of social conservative congressman we need on Capitol Hill. I know in my heart that Burgess Owens will evangelize every congressman he encounters. He is an outspoken witness for Jesus.

Pastor Leon Benjamin and William Murray earlier in 2020.

A sad loss: GING-PAC endorsed Pastor Leon Benjamin for the 4th congressional district in Virginia. Leon Benjamin is the Senior Pastor and Bishop of New Life Harvest Church in Richmond, VA.

A former Democrat and Gulf War veteran, he is an emerging evangelical leader on the national front as a media spokesperson and conservative political activist.  He worked with President Trump’s Faith-Based Initiative.

Pastor Benjamin was ahead as the election results came in on November 3rd but when the mail-in ballots were later counted he fell well behind. He won in six counties including Colonial Heights by 32%.

His defeat came in Richmond City where an astonishing  70,787 of the 108,641 votes cast were by mail-in or absentee. In Richmond, his opponent won by almost 40,000 votes. Was there fraud — or did the Democrats just get ballots to more people than Republicans?

This was a big loss for me personally as Pastor Benjamin is a good friend of mine.

Just sixteen years ago the Republicans had both Senate seats, most House seats, and controlled the State House and State Senate — and held the governorship! Today the Democrat party holds both those Senate seats, the governorship, and the State Assembly. One of the most conservative states in the nation has officially turned blue.

What is really sad about this situation is that Republicans are making gains in state houses in traditionally blue states in the North. The problem with Virginia is the same as with other states and with big liberal cities.

A map of the red versus blue counties in the United States tells the big story. Very few suburban and “rural” counties were carried by Joe Biden.

The vast majority of Biden’s votes came from the big cities where people expect government to do things for them.

About Biden: He is not what was sold to the public by the mainstream media. He is a radical who smiles like a moderate. He will talk softly but watch the executive orders fly as pro-life and pro-business rules set by President Trump are overturned!

What Biden cannot do is take away the judges whom President Trump appointed.  A full 25% of the active federal judges were appointed by President Trump, and many of them are young. Plus a Supreme Court majority for conservatives!

Just a few weeks ago the youngest U.S. district judge nominated by President Donald Trump was confirmed by the Senate. Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, a 33-year-old, will serve in the Tampa division of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

Judge Mizelle will be around for a long time and render decisions that echo the true meaning of our founding documents.

What does the future hold?: The big news comes on January 20th. Regardless of lawsuits and what did or did not really happen with the mail-in ballots Joe Biden will be sworn in as president. During the inauguration ceremony Donald Trump will announce his candidacy for the 2024 election year unless a lot changes between now and then.

How certain am I of this? I know some of the people who will serve on his new campaign committee. The mainstream media will do all it can to silence Trump, including kicking him off Twitter and Facebook. The lawsuits will make a lot of lawyers rich.

GING-PAC will stick with the House and the Senate races. Billions are spent on presidential elections, and the GING-PAC budget can do little. But with House and Senate campaigns, even the endorsement of GING-PAC can mean a lot to candidates

January 5th is key date: The Republicans need to win at least one of the two Senate seats up for grabs in the runoff election on January 5th. If Republicans lose both seats, the Democrats will control the White House, the Senate, and the House. Biden will get all he wants.

I urge everyone to support the campaigns of Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue to help stop a runaway train with Joe Biden as engineer for a new society.

            The next Campaign update you receive from me will be for the 2022 cycle. There will be special elections almost immediately.

William J. Murray, GING-PAC Chairman

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