Campaign to save America from Barack Hussein Obama

PresidObama assault on religious libertyent Barack Hussein Obama is the most viciously anti-Christian and anti-Jewish person ever to occupy the White House. And, we must defeat him in November

Why do I say this? Because Obama has repeatedly enacted policies, signed Executive Orders and pushed laws that violate religious liberty and threaten the free speech rights of religious Americans. Except for Muslims! Islamists seem to have a special place in his hardened heart.

His recent attack on religious liberty through Obamacare is the most obvious assault on the First Amendment. Through Obamacare, he has mandated that religious organizations must provide contraceptive, abortion and sterilization services to their employees! It doesn’t matter that many of these Jewish or Christian-owned businesses and colleges oppose abortion on demand, handing out condoms or providing sterilization as a “health” service.

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Obama doesn’t care. He is willing to use the full force of the federal government to force these religious enterprises to support the abortion industry. The abortion mandate wasn’t even in the original bill that was signed into law. It was deliberately mandated by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius with the stamp of approval of Barack Hussein Obama.

But, it’s far worse than just Obamacare. Obama is carrying on what amounts to a Jihad against non-Islamic religious groups – both Jews and Christians.

Remember what Obama told his supporters in April of 2008: That Christians “cling to guns or religion” and have an “antipathy to people who aren’t like them”?

In other words, if you don’t support his radical leftist agenda, you’re a racist and a religious nut.

His hatred of non-Islamic religions is obvious. In May of 2009, Obama refused to host services for the National Day of Prayer. But, he regularly holds Muslim celebrations at the White House.  

Obama loves Islam

Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton love the Muslim Brotherhood which recently crucified secularists in front of the presidential palace in Egypt.

He also routinely distorts American history by claiming that Islam has played an important positive role in our nation’s history! That’s a complete lie! Our nation’s first foreign war – launched by Thomas Jefferson – was against the Islamist Barbary Pirates!

In October of 2010, Obama began deliberately deleting “the Creator” whenever he was quoting the Declaration of Independence. He’s done this seven times so far – so we know it wasn’t a one-time gaffe. He believes that rights are granted by an all-powerful federal government – not by God.

In November of 2011, Obama issued a Thanksgiving Proclamation without mentioning religion or God! Any patriotic American knows that the Pilgrims weren’t giving thanks to the federal government for their blessings – they were thanking their merciful God for their lives and religious liberty! They weren’t expressing gratitude to a welfare state, but to the freedom that God had granted them in the New World.

In January 2012, the Obama Administration argued that the First Amendment provides no protection for churches or synagogues in hiring their pastors and rabbis.

Earlier this year, Christian historian David Barton compiled a lengthy list of Obama’s anti-religious policies and statements. He’s called Obama the most “biblically-hostile” president in U.S. history. We agree wholeheartedly with Barton. Why is this important? It’s important because Obama directly threatens our religious liberties and the First Amendment’s protection of free speech in America.

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Obama is waging a war on religious liberty – but he’s stopped waging a war on Islamic terrorism here and around the globe. He and his leftist buddies in the administration actually view the Muslim Brotherhood as a new ally!

GING-PAC needs your help to stop him from winning another four years in the White House – where he will continue his aggressive assault on religious liberty – and his unrestrained support for radical Islam – both here in the U.S. and around the globe.

You can help us run newspaper advertisements in key states to defeat Barack Obama’s anti-religious, pro-Islamist agenda in November!

We are less than 90 days before the most important election in the history of our nation since 1865!  A lot is at stake!  And I’m sure you understand the severity of what we are facing!

Clearly, Obama is the most dangerous racist, pro-abortion, pro-gay, pro-Islam and anti-capitalist president who has ever occupied the White House – and he’ll try any dirty trick in the book to win this November’s election. That’s why he’s got Attorney General Eric Holder suing states that are trying to implement voter ID laws. Obama and Holder want voter fraud so they can stay in power.

Holder is suing states trying to have honest elections – but he dropped the serious case of voter intimidation against members of the New Black Panther party who were intimidating white voters in Philadelphia during the 2008 election!

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Obama is not only the most viciously anti-religious president in history, but he’s turning out to be the most racially divisive one as well. In fact, he seems to deliberately try to provoke racial animosity. When he was running for office in 2008, he claimed to be a post-racial candidate. He lied.

Once he’s back in office, he’ll be totally unrestrained in his plans to bring our nation to moral and economic ruin. He’s already done a pretty good job. Imagine what he’ll do in four more years.

You can help us. At the end of this letter, I’ll show you the educational ad that we will run during the last two months of this election cycle. We’ll place ads in numerous small newspapers in order to get more bang for our buck.

But this effort depends upon you! We can’t do this without your gifts and prayers.

Keep in mind the following facts about Obama:  

  1. Obama hates the military. He has sued in court to block a measure which extends early voting for members of the military!  This does away with the tradition for allowing special circumstances for military personnel in voting which dates back to the Civil War! And, he’s using the power of the Department of Justice to attack states that are trying to enforce voter ID laws – to ensure honest elections!
  2. Obama hates the U.S. Constitution. He believes it is a “living document” that is outdated and needs to be reinterpreted by liberal judges. That’s why he ignores it whenever he wishes – and why he now has two anti-Constitution judges on the Supreme Court: Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Both believe they have the right to decide what the Constitution means – not what the Founding Fathers meant when they wrote it!
  3. Obama hates religious liberty. On August 1, the HHS Mandate went into effect requiring companies, including those religious organizations that have religious beliefs to the contrary, to provide abortion services to their employees.  Obama seems to forget the Constitution’s First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech.”
  4. Obama loves Islam. His key role in the “Arab Spring” has caused governments en masse to turn to Sharia Law in the Middle East.  And, he’s regularly betrayed Israel since he took office. His anti-Israel policies are worse than even Jimmy Carter.
  5. Obama hates traditional marriage. He directed the Department of Justice to not defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) passed in 1996 and signed by then-President Clinton. Obama supports gay marriage – but during his 2008 campaign, he claimed he was against gay marriage.
  6. Obama hates America as a force for freedom in the world. He intends on spending the next four years finishing off our nation. He’ll rule by executive order, regulations, lawsuits, and entangle us in international treaties that will destroy our national sovereignty. In short, he’ll rule America like his ideological buddy Hugo Chavez – the tyrant who runs Venezuela.
  7. Obama hates capitalism – the economic system that made our nation the most prosperous in the history of mankind. He has a Marxist ideology that compels him to do everything in his power to destroy free enterprise and to remake America into a European welfare state.

Obama is a consistent and skilled liar who wants to rule our nation as a tyrant – one without any lawful accountability to the Constitution or to Congress. We must defeat him!

Ad exposing Barack Obama as the apologizer in chiefOur newspaper ad will work to convince Democrats, Republicans and Independents to vote against Barack Obama – a man who is trying to undermine our Judeo-Christian values and turn America into a European welfare state! 

Social conservative non-profit organizations such as Wallbuilders, American Family Association, the Religious Freedom Coalition and others have publicly stated the facts about Barack Hussein Obama war on the traditional family and Judea-Christian principles, but as of September 8th these groups are subject to Federal Election Commission rules which greatly limit what they can say

But, Government Is Not God – Political Action Committee can run advertising telling social conservatives to vote against Barack Hussein Obama. Political action committees like GING-PAC can  run ads to impact the upcoming election! And we’re running ads now. We can run as many ads as we can raise funds for.

You can help us run advertisements in key states to defeat Barack Hussein Obama on November 8th!

See our newest ad and where it is running now! 

We are less than 60 days before the most important election in the history of our nation since 1865!  A lot is at stake!  And I’m sure you understand the severity of what we are facing!

Government Is Not God PAC is celebrating TWO DECADES of being on the front-lines in Washington, D.C.  And, we’re facing one of the most important elections in our nation’s history.

But, we need your help right now to get this done! YOUR GIFT can make the difference in November!

Advertising space has been reserved … now all we need is the money to run the ads telling the truth about Barack Hussein Obama’s attacks on traditional Biblical value!  Your help is needed now. Please rush your gift to Government Is Not God – PAC (GING-PAC) today.

William J. Murray, Chairman
Government is Not God-PAC

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