GING-PAC’s Obama4andOut newspaper ad


Ad exposing Barack Obama as the apologizer in chief

New GING-PAC Apologizer-in-Chief newspaper ad

As a federal political action committee, Government Is Not God – PAC can spend an unlimited amount of money on political advertising, as long as we do not coordinate our activities with any candidate’s political committee. We can run this ad as many times as we can raise the funds to run it!

Our goal is to reach social conservatives in small towns and rural areas were often the voter turnout is low. In 2008 over one million registered social conservative evangelicals and Catholics did not vote! We need conservatives in places like Ocala, Florida and Lynchburg, Virginia to show up and vote, or Obama will win those states thanks to the big city liberal voters.

GING-PAC is having such a great influence that Huffpost and other radical left publications have launched attacks against us. Leftists have even staged a demonstration in front of a newspaper’s office that ran one of our ads. That is proof positive that we hurting efforts to reelect Barack Hussein Obama!

New Apologizer-in-Chief ad in downloadable PDF

Original ad in downloadable  PDF

GING-PAC is the only political organization working to turn out conservatives in small towns and rural areas. We need your help. DONATE NOW.

Ads are currently scheduled to run in the following newspapers:

October ScheduleNew Apologizer-in-Chief ad!
10/05 – Roanoke Star Sentinel – Roanoke, VA
10/11 – Virginia Mountaineer – Grundy, VA
10/12 – Galax Gazette – Galaz, VA
10/12 – The Patriot – Pulaski, VA
10/12 – The Reporter – Eighty Four, PA
10/17 – Celina Daily Standard – Celina, OH
10/17 – The News-Gazette – Lexington, VA
10/17 – Star Weekly – Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania
10/18 – Sarasota Observer & Pelican Press – Sarasota, FL
               (Ad located in county wide pullout voter guide)
10/19 – The Reporter – Eighty Four, PA
10/20 – News Messenger – Montgomery County, VA (Entire county)
10/20 – Radford News Journal – Radford City – VA
10/21 – Independent-Messenger – Emporia, VA   (Greensville County) 
               (Includes Emporia Extra which is a mailer) 
10/24 – Collegiate Times – Virginia Tech – Blackburg, VA
10/28 – The Compass – Norfolk, VA (Air Force Base and Naval Station)
10/31 – Connellsville Courier – Fayette and Westmoreland counties, PA
              (Coal country)
11/01 – Independent Observer – Pensacola, FL (Naval Air Station)
11/06 – Free Lance Star – Fredericksburg, VA
              (Marine Base Quantico)          

September Schedule
9/5 – Holmes Country Advertiser – Bonifay, FL 
9/5 – Dixie County Advocate – Cross City, FL
9/6 – Gilchrist County Journal – Gilchrist, FL 
9/6 –  Journal News – Spencerville, OH
9/6 – Bluffton News – Bluffton, OH
9/6 – Wapakoneta Daily News – Wapakoneta, OH
9/7 – The Enterprise Recorder – Madison, FL
9/9 – News Chief – Winter Haven, FL
9/12 – Putnam County Sentinel – Putnam County, OH
9/13 – The Ada Herald – Ada, OH 
9/13 – Columbus Grove Vidette – Columbus Grove, OH 
9/14 – The Times Bulletin – Van Wert, OH
9/15 – Sign of the Times – Putnam County, OH (mailer)
9/15 – Ottawa Weekender – Ottawa County, OH
9/19 – Storm Lake Times -Clay and four other counties in northwest, IA
9/20 – Sun Gazette – Lycoming County, PA
9/22 – Storm lake Times – Storm Lake, IA
9/23 – Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL
9/24 – Delphos Daily Herald – Lima, OH

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