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Republicans On Way To Supermajority?

Aug 9th, 2017 | By

WASHINGTON – Democrats hoping to block President Donald Trump’s agenda by winning congressional majorities in the 2018 midterm elections have just received a stunning reality check. A recent article by David Wasserman published at – not known for being friendly to Republicans – reports that even if the Democrats win every Senate race in

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Bad Blood: White House Meets With Potential Jeff Flake Challengers

Jul 18th, 2017 | By

The White House has been meeting covertly with current and potential challengers of Sen. Jeff Flake’s (R-Ariz.) seat, according to a report Monday. The quiet campaign to recruit challengers for the incumbent may signify President Donald Trump hasn’t forgiven or forgotten how the deeply unpopular senator refused to endorse his candidacy and has become a

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