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Congressman Jordan Discusses Trump/GOP Agenda

Sep 12th, 2017 | By

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) appeared on Fox News Sunday to discuss the legislative agenda with Chris Wallace. Watch his interview and read excerpts of his concerns over budget issues: HIGHLIGHTS from Rep. Jordan’s comments: “I don’t think this was a good deal for the American taxpayer. We didn’t do anything to address the underlying $20

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Rep. Steve King: We’ll Defend Constitution Against Obama

Jan 17th, 2013 | By

GING-PAC endorsed Rep. Steve King (R-IA) was on Fox News recently to discuss Obama’s last press conference of the year on January 15. During that presser, Obama smeared Republicans and accused them of wanting to let poor children starve to death, let the elderly die from cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, and to let the nation go into default on its bills. He vowed to defend the Constitution against Obama.

Obama made it clear that if he can’t get the debt limit raised by Congress, he’ll find a way to ignore Congress and do it himself. He has no legitimate authority to do this, but he considers himself above the law.

Debt Ceiling ‘Deal’ Morphs Hourly

Aug 1st, 2011 | By

August 1, 2011 – Keeping an accurate track of the Republican/Democrat battle over the debt ceiling is as easy as nailing jello to a wall. The Republican-proposed legislation seems to change hourly and no one seems to know exactly what sort of “deal” was struck yesterday evening. In last night’s press conference, President Obama seemed

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Rep. Jim Jordan Defends Fiscal Sanity On Fox News

Jul 18th, 2011 | By

July 18, 2011 – GING-PAC supported Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan was on “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace and Democrat Chris Van Hollen (MD) to discuss the debt ceiling and sound fiscal policies. Rep. Jordan, who heads up the Republican Study Committee in Congress, was adamant about getting a budget deal that doesn’t result

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