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Congressman Gohmert Issues Warning On Big Brother Microchip Legislation For Humans         

Dec 13th, 2016 | By

It is absolutely staggering that the Republican majorities in the House and Senate could be so blind to government overreach that they would allow a federal tracking program, not for criminals in the U.S., not for terrorists, not for illegal immigrants or even immigrants who commit crimes, but for people with ‘developmental disabilities’ a term that is subject to wide misinterpretation.

Rick Santorum Opposes U.N. Treaty As Power Grab

Nov 28th, 2012 | By

The United Nations is once again attempting a power grab to undermine our national sovereignty – and GING-PAC presidential candidate Rick Santorum is aggressively opposing it.

Clearly, the U.N. wants to be God over the United States government and the American people. One way to accomplish this is by treaties that strangle national sovereignty. The latest is a sovereignty-destroying treaty on “disabilities” – a term which remains conveniently undefined in this U.N. document.