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National Motto Case: Atheist Michael Newdow Is At It Again

Jun 13th, 2017 | By

The following has been reprinted from the Becket religious freedom legal group. Atheist Michael Newdow is once again trying to erase any mention of God from our national currency. He previously worked to remove the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance. He failed. GING-PAC Chairman William J. Murray wrote about Newdow’s attack on

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Forbes, Lankford Recognize 60th Anniversary of National Motto, In God We Trust

Jul 31st, 2016 | By

“Our national motto is a powerful declaration that reflects the unique foundation of America,” said Senator Lankford. “Our country is rooted in the belief and hope that there is something bigger than government and bigger than ourselves.”

6 Things We Can Learn From The Pledge

Oct 12th, 2015 | By

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Today, these 31 words make up one of the most widely known sentences in America. It is used in courtrooms, classrooms, on coins, and in government buildings across the country.

‘Pledge Of Allegiance’ Threatened In Massachusetts Case

Oct 8th, 2013 | By

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag is once again under legal threat by atheists who seem to have a phobia against the mention of God in the classroom or in public meetings.

The latest attack on the Pledge is taking place in Massachusetts. In 2010, an anonymous atheist couple sued to have “under God” removed from the Pledge because it prevented their children from saying it.

Rep. Todd Akin: Liberals Think Rights Come From Government – Not God

Jul 7th, 2011 | By
Todd Akin for Senate

July 7, 2011 – Missouri Congressman Todd Akin (R) refuses to retract his criticism of liberalism in a radio interview earlier this month. In discussing NBC “editing”  the words “under God” out of a story on the Pledge of Allegiance, Akin noted: “Well, I think NBC has a long record of being very liberal and

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