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Sen. Ben Sasse: Democrats Have Gone Post-Constitutional

Feb 9th, 2016 | By

Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE), a GING-PAC endorsed lawmaker, was interviewed by Heritage Foundation official Genevieve Wood recently on how conservatives can fix Washington, D.C.

Tomorrow Is Constitution Day!

Sep 15th, 2015 | By

Among liberals in Congress, leftists on the Supreme Court and the anti-Constitutionalist in the White House, the Constitution is an annoyance and can be redefined at will as a “living document.” Leftists want an all-powerful federal government and a powerless people who can be controlled by punishments or made dependent on handouts.

Mike Huckabee Vows To Use Executive Orders To Defend Religious Freedom

Jul 1st, 2015 | By

According to Huckabee, “While some cowardly politicians wave the white flag and surrender to this unconstitutional, out-of-control act of judicial tyranny, I reject this decision and will fight from ‘Day One’ of my administration to defend our Constitution and protect religious liberty.”

On This Day In 1926 President Calvin Coolidge Warned Of Big Government

May 15th, 2015 | By

“No plan of centralization has ever been adopted which did not result in bureaucracy, tyranny, inflexibility, reaction, and decline. Of all forms of government, those administered by bureaus are about the least satisfactory to an enlightened and progressive people. Being irresponsible they become autocratic… Unless bureaucracy is constantly resisted it breaks down representative government and overwhelms democracy.

43% Of Democrats: Obama Has Right To Ignore Court Rulings

Feb 24th, 2015 | By

A Rasmussen poll of likely voters in the next election shows that 43% of Democrats think Obama should be free to ignore court decisions if he disagrees with them. This compares to 81% of Republicans who think Obama must obey court decisions that go against his agenda. Sixty-seven percent of unaffiliated voters think Obama should obey court decisions.

Obama Continues To Lie About Amnesty & Executive Orders

Nov 18th, 2014 | By

During the past few years, Obama has repeatedly – and accurately – declared that he’s not a king or an emperor and can’t unilaterally grant amnesty to millions of illegals. Now, he’s reversing himself and claiming he can’t wait for Congress to act, so he must act alone.

Democrat Congresswoman Wants To Help Obama With Executive Orders

Feb 7th, 2014 | By

In Obamaland, the President of the United States is considered a Czar, not an elected official. Congress is considered just an advisory body to the Czar who rules without constitutional authority or the laws of the land.

It’s Mourning In America: 2013

Jan 14th, 2013 | By

This coming Sunday, America will be experiencing a “Mourning in America” with the inauguration of the anti-Reagan, Barack Hussein Obama for a second term.

The anti-Reagan Obama despises America’s greatness and hates our free enterprise system. He favors tyrants over freedom – and like Carter – has engineered the rise of Islamic tyrants in nations like Libya and Egypt. He is working on destroying whatever small progress our nation may have made in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, where thousands of Americans have died or been severely wounded. Afghanistan is clearly destined to be taken over once again by the Taliban – and it will be Obama’s policies that allowed it to happen.

Thomas Sowell On The Importance Of Super Tuesday To Defeat Obama

Mar 2nd, 2012 | By

Next week is Super Tuesday, when Republican voters in several states will go to the polls to pick their candidate to defeat Barack Obama in November. Thomas Sowell has described the monumental importance of Super Tuesday to the future of our nation, western civilization and Israel. If Obama is re-elected, the fate of the world

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