A Mess of an Election

Dec 2nd, 2020 | By | Category: Featured
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I have held off writing about the election waiting for totals that seem never to come. Not even the presidential election is settled as of the writing of this report on December 3rd.

Was there voter fraud? Well yes, there is always voter fraud in the big cities controlled by the Democrat establishment. Was it worse than in the past? Maybe.

The closer the election the more fraudulent votes count. In 2016 Trump was so far ahead that the big city fraud did not work. This election was closer because of the enemies President Trump had made in the Deep State and failures on the part of his election committee.

Trump could have come out way ahead had his committee pushed the mail-in ballots as hard as the Democrats did. Trump’s core voters were older, and many of them could not go to the polls on election day for one reason or another. The Republicans failed to get mail-in ballots to older voters. Rather than get more mail-in ballots distributed than the Democrats, the Republicans boycotted the mail-in ballots. That was a huge mistake according to analysts I have talked to inside the Beltway.

Was there fraud in the mail-in ballots? I am sure there was. But more than 40% of those mail-ballots were for Trump. Increasing that count by just one or two percent would have overcome the fraud.

Not a total loss: The Deep State may have defeated Trump on the surface but conservatives made huge gains in the undercurrent.

Nancy Pelosi and the far left took a beating on the House side. As of this writing, Democrats lost at least 12 seats and maybe more. Many of those went to pro-life women.

The Susan B. Anthony List is a pro-life political action committee that is much larger than GING-PAC. The Susan B. Anthony list only supports pro-life women running for office.

With all the totals still not in a month after the election, the Susan B. Anthony List reports that there are 16 new pro-life women confirmed to have won seats in the House. Five of those defeated were long-term, very liberal Democrats, while the others were elected to open seats or else defeated a more liberal Republican in a primary.

With some races still too close to call, the number of newly elected pro-life women is up to 16. Seven of these candidates flipped seats held by pro-abortion Democrats.

The pro-life Republican victors are diverse, showing what a lie the Democrats tell when stating the Republicans are all old white men.

The pro-life group includes the first Iranian American elected to Congress, a member of the Cherokee nation, a daughter of Cuban exiles, and a first-generation Korean American. This proves flat out that the Democrat Party doesn’t “own” the female voters.

Including incumbents, the total number of pro-life women in the House for the next 2021-2022 term will be 27.

The pro-life, social conservatives came out great in this election even if the final result is Joe Biden moving into the White House.

Lauren Boebert wears a side arm in her restaurant in Colorado.

Some of the winning pro-life women were standout conservatives that supported Donald Trump including Lauren Boebert (R-CO) who defeated a long-serving Republican in the primary and then ran over her Democrat opponent. She owns a café in Colorado that does not serve alcohol, but she and her servers wear sidearms.

 The Democrat majority numbers sank in the House, even though it is unheard of for a party to lose seats when its presidential candidate wins. When Obama beat McCain in 2008, the Democrats won the House and gained a supermajority in the Senate. Joe Biden did not come close to that.

Nancy Pelosi directed huge amounts of money against high profile Republican incumbents that could not be beaten because the pollsters predicted a runaway blue wave. While she was making that error, socially conservative Republicans won Democrat seats in the House.

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