April-May 2010 Campaign Update

Apr 29th, 2010 | By | Category: Newsletters
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Three open US House seats but only two elections scheduled. Why? The Murtha seat may go GOP in just a few weeks.


            NEW YORK: Democrat congressman Eric Massa resigned his seat in New York’s 29th congressional district in disgrace after charges of sexual harassment were filed against him by male employees. It seems Massa hired mostly young men he thought to be gay, and then hounded them for certain “favors.”

             As a result of Massa’s resignation, a special election will be held on …. NOT AT ALL.

             Fearful that a Republican could win the seat, Democrat Governor David Paterson has refused to call a special election to fill the seat. As a result the people of the 29th district are disenfranchised. The Constitution is clear: Article I, section 2, clause 4 imposes a mandatory duty upon a governor to hold a special election to fill a vacancy in a congressional district caused by a death, expulsion or resignation.

             A lawsuit is being filed by several Republican plaintiffs including GOP county chairmen in the 29th District, Bill Hatch and Jay Dutcher. The group of 29th District constituents claim they’ve been disenfranchised, since they will be without representation until 2011 if no special election is held. When a Republican governor in Illinois tried this trick a decade ago the ACLU filed a lawsuit to force a special election. Don’t expect the ACLU to help the GOP with this lawsuit.. The likely Republican candidate for the seat is Tom Reed, the mayor of Corning, NY.

             PENNSYLVANIA: Congressman John Murtha died following complications of a rather simple operation in February and a special election date for his 12th District seat has been set for May 18th. Government Is Not God – PAC has endorsed Republican businessman Tim Burns. He received our endorsement because of this statement: “I am pro-life and believe there is no question that life begins at conception. But, I don’t think saying you are pro-life is good enough. I think we need to provide and encourage viable alternatives to abortion and work to decrease the number of unwanted pregnancies in the first place. I believe that Marriage should be defined as a union between a man and a woman.” We need more men like Burns in Congress!

             GING-PAC has sent $1,000 to assist the campaign and we have planned an independent mailing to the district that is not coordinated with the Burns campaign. We at GING-PAC hope to send additional funds before the election is held. To assist the Burns campaign directly, please do so at his Internet site to allow funds to reach him before election day. Tim Burns’ site is located at: www.timburnsforcongress.com

             HAWAII: This one is complicated. Hawaii has a Republican governor although the state voted about 70% for Barack Obama. Governor Linda Lingle won in 1998 on the single issue to stop homosexual marriage. She has term limited and radical leftist former Democratic congressman Neil Abercrombie resigned his 1st District seat on Feb. 28 to run for governor. He is running against Lt. Governor James Aiona who stands against homosexual marriage as well.

             Got that so far? The 1st District is two to one Democrat, but there are two Democrats running who are very strong. First is former Congressman Ed Case who has raised lots of money and who is popular. But he tried to unseat aging Senator Akaka in the Democrat primary in 2008. Akaka is still mad and has given $100,000 so far to Case’s opponent, Hawaii Senate President Colleen Hanabusa. In Washington the Democratic National Congressional Committee (DNCC) has decided to give money to Case. The result is two heavily funded Democrats knocking each other out, which could allow the election of Republican Honolulu City Councilman Charles Djou. Unfortunately the Republican National Congressional Committee (RNCC) has refused to assist Djou, instead concentrating on the Murtha seat in Pennsylvania where they have already spent nearly $500,000.

             GING-PAC is NOT endorsing Djou for two reasons: First he has been endorsed by the homosexual group Log Cabin Republicans. This homosexual group endorsed him because he said he would vote to end the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in the military, thus allowing homosexuals to “serve” openly. Secondly, he has not responded to us about his position on abortion.


William and Nancy Murray with Carly FiorinaCALIFORNIA: In my last update I mentioned that I attended an event with former HP executive Carly Fiorina in her bid to win a Senate seat from left-wing nut Barbara Boxer in California. I was specifically at the event to talk to her about social issues and to see where she really stood on abortion and “gay” issues. She answered all my questions but we did not endorse her because of issues while she was heading HP. I received dozens of e-mail’s and letters from current and former HP employees telling me not to back Fiorina. Virtually all mentioned that they were forced into “love the gays” orientations at HP. The question remains: Was all the pro-gay training at HP directed from her office? If the pro-gay agenda was coming from her office did she have a change of heart?

             As I wrote this update I received word that the Susan B. Anthony List, the largest pro-life PAC was going to endorse Carly Fiorina “in recognition of her firmly pro-life values.” GING-PAC is still staying out of the race and one of the main reasons is the cost of the primary. Right now Fiorina is splitting the conservative vote with Senator Jim DeMint’s candidate, state Assemblyman Chuck DeVore. I do not view Tom Campbell as a conservative and right now he is in the lead with 31 percent with Carly Fiorina at 17 percent and 14 percent for Chuck DeVore. (Photo at left is of William and Nancy Murray with Carly Fiorina)

            KANSAS: Our candidate in Kansas is doing well against the establishment Republican RINO candidate. It appears that the powers here in Washington believe that after 12 years of strong wins by conservative Senator Sam Brownback that Kansas is ready to go back to the “moderate” Bob Dole era. We are continuing to back Congressman Todd Tiahrt for the seat Sam Brownback is leaving to run for governor.


            To have impact in these races, particularly the special election in Pennsylvania GING-PAC must have funds. It is crucial that we have at least an additional $50,000 as primaries begin in earnest. Please send a check to help today, or give an online gift at www.gingpac.org.

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