April, 2012 Campaign Update

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IOWA: STEVE KING This month Planned Parenthood issued a target list of pro-life leaders they labeled as “The Toxic Ten.” Congressman Steve King of Iowa highlighted in the latest Planned Parenthood attack for this comment he made on the floor of the House:  

Congressman Steve King

Congressman Steve King

 “I’m going to add to this that neither shall we vote to fund Planned Parenthood  and I shall be looking for ways to unfund every other entity like them that promotes abortion or provides abortion as a matter of practice in their facilities.”

 Congressman King is an outspoken defender of life, and Planned Parenthood wants him out. Together with the ultra-pro-abortion group, EMILY’s List, they have recruited and funded Democrat Christie Vilsack to run against him. Vilsack was the former executive director (and currently Chairman of the Board) of the Iowa Initiative, an umbrella organization for pro-abortion groups which advocates expanding public taxpayer funding for abortion. She is also an advocate of allowing abortions even if a woman has entered labor.

 Iowa lost one congressman because of the last census, and the state was redistricted. As a result Steve King’s district has moved form a registered voter advantage of plus 5 points Republican to a negative for him of plus four points Democrat. This is going to be a hard fought battle to keep one of the top pro-life leaders in the House. GING-PAC has endorsed and will support Congressman King for reelection. 


Planned Parenthoods “Toxic Ten list” includes Congressmen: Todd Akin (MO), Ann Marie Buerkle (NY), Joe Donnelly (IN), Sean Duffy (WI), Mike Fitzpatrick (PA), Steve King (IA), Mike Pence (IN), Denny Rehberg (MT), Allen West (FL) and Senator Marco Rubio (FL). Mike Pence is leaving Congress to run for governor of Indiana.


FLORIDA: SANDY ADAMS Sandy Adams is one of the Freshmen who came to Congress riding the wave of sentiment against the iron fist of government Barack Obama imposed upon our nation after his election. She has proven to be one of the best assets that pro-family, pro-life groups have on Capitol Hill. She has an amazing story. At age 17 she dropped out of high school and married only to have to run from an abusive husband. Eventually gaining a high school diploma, she attended law enforcement classes and became a deputy sheriff. She remarried, to a sheriff’s deputy who was killed in the line of duty just seventeen months later. She obtained a college degree attending night school and in 2002 was elected to the Florida House in a tough election. She was reelected three times before winning a seat in the U.S. House in 2010. Now comes the hard part for her.                                         

Florida has been redistricted since the 2010 election and many congressmen are running in districts that did not even exist the last time they ran. Adams’ district is still about two-thirds intact and she was headed for reelection until an establishment five-term Republican congressman, John Mica, decided to run against her in the GOP primary. This is an outright betrayal by the establishment GOP, and GING-PAC is backing Sandy Adams.

FLORIDA: ALLEN WEST All I can say is wow! The first time Col. Allen West ran for Congress, GING-PAC was about the only PAC to back him. He had virtually no money and almost won in 2008. He ran again in 2010 and knocked out one of the biggest mouths of the Democrat party, radical Ron Klein. Now he is the number one target of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). The national Democrats have an outright racial hatred of Allen West simply because he is a conservative African-American. In the minds of the white men who run the Democrat Party, they own blacks and Allen West is off the plantation.

In the first quarter of this year Allen West raised more money than any other congressman including Speaker Boehner. West is going to give the Democrats the same kind of fight he gave the Islamists in Iraq as a colonel in the U.S. Army. We are sticking by West!

MARYLAND: KEN TIMMERMAN Simon Wiesenthal said this about Ken Timmerman: “I have spent my life tracking down the murderers of yesterday. Mr. Timmerman is tracking down the murderers of tomorrow.” — Simon Wiesenthal

My good friend Ken Timmerman is a nationally recognized investigative reporter and an international religious-freedom guardian who plans to defeat Nancy Pelosi’s right-hand man, Representative Chris Van Hollen, in the 8th District of Maryland. Ken and I have traveled to the Middle East on fact finding missions and he has written extensively on the plight of Iraqi Christian refugees.

Timmerman is a recognized authority on defense and intelligence issues who has testified as an expert witness in terrorism trials in U.S. federal courts and before Congress. For the past seven years, Ken has been the lead investigator for families of 9/11 victims in a civil lawsuit against Iran. Based on Ken’s evidence, a federal district judge ruled just before Christmas that Iran “shared responsibility” for the 9/11 terrorist attacks with al Qaeda, and had provided “direct, material support” for the attacks. He has written several books including an expose of Jesse Jackson and a fictional thriller on today’s persecuted Christians of Iraq.  (He based one of  the characters in the book after me.)

If anyone can beat radical Chris Van Hollen, it is Ken Timmerman. GING-PAC will stand behind Ken in his bid for the House.


GING-PAC backs social conservative candidates and that is why I worked hard to help Senator Rick Santorum in his drive for the GOP nomination. Getting Rick the nomination was an uphill battle, with the entire GOP establishment behind Romney, and hundreds of millions of dollars coming from the Mormon Church available to Mitt Romney for negative advertising. Even Fox News was in the bag for Romney.

The Rick Santorum campaign accomplished much. For months social conservatism was at the forefront of the GOP campaign and the news media could not ignore us; we had a champion. Rick Santorum stated bluntly that the way out of poverty was marriage, not welfare,  and that the nuclear family was the core strength of America. He stated boldly again and again that life begins at conception, despite the ridicule of the mainstream media. Keeping Rick Santorum on the campaign trail as long as was done, was a great victory in itself.

Now we must move forward, and GING-PAC needs more than $10 and $20 contributions. To fight the more than one billion dollars the Democrats will spend this cycle, I need your help. Please consider a larger contribution this month. Donate today! Thank you and God bless you.     

William J. Murray, Chairman 
Government Is Not God – PAC  
P.O. Box 77237, Washington, DC 20013 


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