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Tedisco, the Minority Leader in the New York Assembly managed to lose the very
important special election in the 20th District of New York held on
March 31st.



Tedisco, the Minority Leader in the New York Assembly managed to lose the very
important special election in the 20th District of New York held on
March 31st.  This was a must
win for Republicans because the district, which includes Schenectady, is a
Republican stronghold. There are twice as many registered Republicans as
Democrats in the district. Despite huge amounts of money spent by the various
Republican organizations, he lost. The race was close, but close does not
count. Thousands of registered Republicans had to vote for the Democrat, Scott
Murphy for him to win. Even more embarrassing is the fact that Murphy had no
political machine and had never run for office before.

            How did
this happen? Republican leaders are drinking the Koolaide sold by the leftist
media. They have bought the media lie that it was social conservatives who
caused their losses last year. They believe that if they just go back to the
days when the Republican Party was about nothing but national defense and lower
taxes, then they will win elections again. HELLO! While running as a strong
defense and anti-tax party, the Republicans controlled Congress for only two
between 1930 and 1994, the first two years of the presidency of
Dwight D. Eisenhower. When masses of social conservatives joined the Republican
Party in the early 1990’s, the Republicans won control of the Congress for 14
years. Then Speaker Dennis Hastert led the Republicans into scandal and
corruption, including the  protection of
homosexual Republican members of Congress who should have been publicly called
out. Social conservatives walked away, and the party sank and is still sinking.

            A new Pew
Research survey shows that the United States is becoming more socially
conservative. At the same time that ultraliberal pro-abortionist Barack Obama
was elected president, the American people were actually becoming more
conservative on the issue of abortion. The Pew survey revealed that between
April, 2008 and April, 2009 more people became anti-abortion. Fewer than 50% of
women now think abortion should be legal, and for the first time the majority
of men also believe it should be illegal. In addition, the survey showed that the
number of Americans believing in the right of citizens to own guns increased.

            Yet the
media pundits continue to promote a losing strategy, insisting that the
Republican Party must become pro-abortion and anti-gun to win more voters!  Are these media gurus nuts?  And what about the Republican leaders who
take their bad advice?

            In states
where Barack Obama won, same sex marriage was voted down! Most African-American
voters in California voted to ban homosexual marriage. Yet …. Republican
leaders think that they can attract black voters by offering a “big tent” to
homosexuals and pro-abortionists. The GOP is in self-destruct mode. This does
not mean that we shouldtopworkingto elect readives — on the contrary we must
work harder!




            There are
still some real conservatives in the House and the Senate, who defend the
Judeo-Christian heritage of our nation. Many of these conservatives, such as
Congressman Randy Forbes of Virginia, were elected with the help of Government
Is Not God – PAC.


Forbes formed the Congressional Prayer Caucus from a small group of congressmen
who met each day to pray in room 219 of the Capitol. The group grew until it
turned into a major national "Room 219" movement that gave birth to
the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation. As part of the National Day of
Prayer this May, Congressman Forbes introduced HR-397, a resolution reaffirming
America’s religious heritage. I urge you to read and distribute the resolution
which clearly outlines the Judeo-Christian heritage of our nation. The
Religious Freedom Coalition, which I also chair is an integral part of the
movement to pass HR 307. You can read about the prayer movement Congressman
Forbes began with a handful of congressmen at:



            I also
urge you to watch Congressman Forbes’ impassioned plea for the Judeo-Christian
heritage of our nation as he introduced the America’s Religious Heritage
resolution on the National Day of Prayer.. The video of Congressman Forbes is
just four minutes long. but it is power packed. I know it is a long URL to type
in, but I urge you to watch the video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpQOCvthw-o&feature=channel_page


needs more godly men and women like Randy Forbes, not fewer. The Republican
Party is mindlessly moving back to the days not of Ronald Reagan, but of
Richard Nixon. It is now that we must work the hardest to elect congressmen
like Randy Forbes. To win elections there must be a contrast. If a Republican
who supports homosexual marriage runs against a Democrat who supports
homosexual marriage, there is no chance that the Republican will win. Just
being for lower taxes does not win elections. Many social conservatives live in
rural areas and don’t even earn enough money to pay federal income tax. They
vote for God and country, not for money. If the Republican Party walks away
from their values, they will walk away from the Republican Party.




            There was
no National Day of Prayer event at the White House this year, and no one
representing the White House participated in the events of the National Day of
Prayer. President Obama did sign a proclamation for the National Day of Prayer.
Oddly, the proclamation managed to mention God only once, a far cry from the
first proclamation issued by President Abraham Lincoln. Meanwhile, two
African-American ministers protesting Obama’s lack of participation in the
National Day of Prayer were arrested in front of the White House.


            On April
30th the homosexual enforcement act (otherwise known as "Hate
Crimes") passed the House by a wide margin and headed to the Senate. What
can happen if this becomes law? Congressman Randy Forbes gave a striking example:
The Congressman said: "Had [Hilton] done what he said he would do and
stormed that stage and pulled that tiara off [Prejean’s] head and [inflicted] bodily harm when he did it, there would not have been one ounce of protection
under this piece of legislation for that young girl. But after he did it, if
she had in response made a statement back about the very sexual orientation
that had led him to his hatred and dislike for her, and if she had responded by
slapping him or any physical injury, she would have had the potential of a
ten-year federal piece of legislation coming against her." In other words
this law creates a special class of people who receive extra protection under
the law because of the way they commit perverted sexual acts. Briefly, if the
homosexual judge at the beauty pageant had slapped Miss California, it would
have been a misdemeanor. If she had slapped him back, it would be a federal
crime punishable by up to ten years in jail.


            We must
win House and Senate elections in 2010 that will put more men such as Randy
Forbes in office. GING-PAC does not blindly support Republicans, we support
social conservatives.


Please send a check to help today or give an online gift
at www.gingpac.org .



William J. Murray, Chairman


Government Is Not
God – PAC,  P.O. Box 77237,  Washington, DC 20013

PO Box 77237,
Washington, DC 20013

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