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Aug 22nd, 2016 | By | Category: Newsletters
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Hillary Clinton’s campaign suddenly has concerns about illegal immigration

….. BUT …. The concern is just about one immigrant

205_183506Hillery for GINGThis is so bizarre: The GING-PAC plan is to stick with Senate and congressional elections this year because, with over $2 billion to be spent in total on the presidential campaigns,  what GING-PAC says or does will have little impact. BUT … we may well be able to affect how congressional elections turn out. But I just had to report this Hillary story:

The second week of August, Hillary Clinton’s team started getting serious about illegal immigration. The Clinton campaign wasn’t interested in the status of illegal immigrants who have committed crimes and are now hiding in sanctuary cities, nor those on the run because of having committed crimes in their native countries.

Neither did the Clinton campaign care about the illegal immigrants being held in jails on charges of sexual assault or drug running. The Clinton campaign had no concern for the millions of illegal immigrants taking jobs from low-skilled workers of all races and driving down wages.

There is only one immigrant whose status seems to drive the Clinton camp wild and that is Melania Trump’s. Democrats are demanding to know how she got her Green Card in 1996. Democrats want an investigation because Donald Trump’s wife got a Green Card and then followed American laws and became a citizen in 2006.

The Democratic Coalition Against Trump filed a complaint urging the federal government to investigate whether Melania Trump violated immigration law. The Washington Examiner reported that the group is a division of a larger anti-Trump group, the Keep America Great PAC.

Nate Lerner, Democratic Coalition Against Trump executive director, told the Washington Examiner that Mrs. Trump is “… not running for office, but she is the potential first lady of the U.S. and we need to know if she’s being honest.” WHAT? So people backing Hillary Clinton want an honest person as First Lady, but having a professional extortionist and corrupt politician as President is OK?

The money flowed to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State, and in return the favors flowed not only to big corporations but to entire nations such as arms deals for Saudi Arabia.

If Democrats were so concerned about honesty and immigration, there would be no “sanctuary cities” where criminal immigrants are protected from arrest.

The fact that “mainstream” media picked up and reported this nonsense  about Melania’s Trumps immigration status is proof that the press will do just about anything to protect and elect Hillary.


The Supreme Court: Regardless of who wins in November the Senate is the key to how bad or how good the Supreme Court will be. If Donald Trump is elected and the Democrats hold the Senate, he will be forced to appoint “moderates” which will probably lean toward social liberalism. On the other hand even if Hillary wins, and the Republicans hold the Senate, they can block “super liberals” from being appointed.

The worst case scenario is not only having a corrupt Hillary Clinton in the White House but a Senate controlled by the Democrats. She could likely pick up to four super liberals for the Supreme Court during her term and hundreds if not thousands of federal judges at all levels. The outcome would be a disaster for the nation the impact of which would last decades when her appointees are added to those Barack Obama has made over the last eight years.

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Dr. Kelli Ward and GING-PAC chairman William J. Murray

Dr. Kelli Ward and GING-PAC chairman William J. Murray

ARIZONA: In most critical states GING-PAC is backing incumbents who are social conservatives such as Roy Blunt in Missouri. But in Arizona we can’t back John McCain for a number of reasons, one of the foremost being his association with Sunni Islamic terrorists in Syria and his love for the Saudi Royal family. Arizona has a very late August 30th primary date and GING-PAC has been backing Dr. Kelli Ward, a former Arizona State Senator. Both Kelli and her husband Dr. Michal Ward are medical doctors. Her husband is a veteran of the Air Force who has served in Kuwait, Iraq and Turkey and is now a colonel in the Arizona National Guard serving as a flight surgeon.

The number of dirty tricks by John McCain and his staff during the election are astounding. In one instance with which I am personally familiar, John McCain forced a group to have Dr. Ward removed from a meeting in Washington before McCain spoke.

Senator McCain is a perpetually angry man who will turn 80 years old the day before the primary, meaning he would serve this term until age 86. A POW of North Vietnam, his mind is stuck in that era. All his thoughts are in terms of violent confrontation and war. He backs the “nation building” concept that has been a disaster for the United States for decades, starting with the failure to “build a state” in South Vietnam. McCain is the main Senate backer of President Barack Obama’s failed “Arab Spring” plan to overthrow secular governments in the Middle East and replace them with the “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood. What a failure that was!

AND … John McCain has accepted a lot of money from the despotic kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In fact, the “charity” he founded is operated much like the Clinton Foundation, and accepted $1,000,000 from Saudi Arabia. The fact that John McCain loves the despotic Saudi regime and accepts money from it is reason enough to boot him from office.

The day this campaign update was mailed, GING-PAC sent additional funds to the Kelly Ward campaign. You can still help her with an online contribution at

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KENTUCKY: Senator Rand Paul must win reelection in Kentucky. I have met with Senator Paul numerous times. I have even been at lunches and dinners with him and our talks have been open and frank. He and his wife, Kelly, whom I have also met, are devout pro-life Christians. He leans libertarian in that he believes most major issues such as education and even minimum wage should be state rather than federal issues.

Senator Rand Paul is the only Senator standing up to the establishment and demanding that American arms no longer flow to the despotic kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Inside the Beltway the Democrats and Republicans hold hands in supporting the sadistic Saudi regime. As an example, Senator John McCain and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi went to Saudi Arabia to pay homage, along with President Obama, to the new king in January.

Senator Rand Paul’s stand against overthrowing secular governments in the Middle East, his stand on Saudi Arabia and his Christian faith have earned him my personal endorsement and that of Government Is Not God – PAC.

We need you to help stop Hillary and her minions from changing this nation forever with a far left Supreme Court.

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William J. Murray, Chairman
Government Is Not God – PAC

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