February, 2012 Campaign Update

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RICK SANTORUM NOW THE LEADER– In January, before the Iowa GOP caucus, GING-PAC endorsed Senator Rick Santorum for the presidency. At the time I made several points about his opponents. I stated that Mitt Romney would not be able to defend the mandated health care system he instituted in Massachusetts when he was governor there, and that he was just not a lifetime conservative who had lived and breathed the cause as did Rick Santorum. I also wrote that former Speaker Newt Gingrich actually had been on more sides of more issues than Mitt Romney, and that when his record was exposed his support would collapse. Newt Gingrich supported centrally planned mandates to force people to buy insurance for twenty years, far longer than Romney. Both Gingrich and Romney have supported the radical environmentalist “cap and trade” taxes.

Rick Santorum and William J. Murray

Rick Santorum and William J. Murray

In the January, 2012 Campaign Update I wrote about how I had worked directly with Rick Santorum while he was in the Senate, when he had set up the International Religious Freedom Caucus to aid persecuted religious minorities, particularly Christians in majority Muslim nations.

I received a storm of letters and e-mails from people telling me that it did not matter that Rick Santorum was the true conservative in the race, that they were going to support a “winner.” I was lectured by an untold number of people as to why it was important to back Romney because he had plenty of money to run, and why I should support Gingrich because he did a better debate showing than any of the others. In some letters I was told that Romney “looked presidential” and that was the best reason to vote for him.

In the January Campaign Update I asked supporters to send me checks made out to Rick Santorum for President so I could “bundle” them and give them to the campaign. I received three checks totaling $100.

I stuck with Rick Santorum because he is the true conservative in the race.

As of today Rick Santorum is number one in the national polls. In Mitt Romney’s home state of Michigan, Rick Santorum has a double digit lead. Romney has been forced to buy $2 million in negative mud slinging advertising against Santorum in Michigan to try to save himself from the embarrassment of being defeated by as much as 15 points in his home state. I predict this will not help, and that Santorum will still beat Romney in Michigan.

About the only state in which Newt Gingrich still leads Santorum is Georgia, the state Newt Gingrich represented in Congress, and that race is getting tight. While Rick Santorum used what money he could raise to run his campaign, Newt Gingrich borrowed millions and has virtually no money in the bank to even buy ads in Georgia. He has to rely on the TV ads placed by a Las Vegas billionaire who made his money on gambling. Think about that for a few minutes. 

The entire GOP establishment, plus Fox News, has been pushing Mitt Romney. This is their argument: “We need a moderate to win in November.” REALLY?  Is this why we now have a President McCain, because moderate Republicans do better? Is this why moderate Senator Bob Dole beat Bill Clinton? Is this why Ronald Reagan lost? Is this why George W. Bush lost when he ran as a conservative? Oops! There was no President Dole and there was no President McCain.

When there is no clear distinction, the people vote for Democrats. If Obama is going to get knocked out in November it is going to take a conservative who has clearly different positions and a clearly different direction for the nation. Mitt Romney and his “Romney Care” and Newt Gingrich doing environmental protection TV ads with Nancy Pelosi just don’t make a clear distinction. Rick Santorum is the true conservative and he can beat Barack Obama.

Just as I did last month I am going to ask you to help GING-PAC elect Rick Santorum as president. There are several ways you can help

First, social network fund raising is done at a site called Fundly.com. I have set up a personal page at Fundly.com/RickSantorumforPresident79 that includes a video message from me, endorsing Rick. One hundred percent of the funds raised there go to Rick Santorum’s campaign. The nice thing about Fundly.com is that you can then share your donation on Facebook and that encourages others to donate as well.

Second, donations can also be given at his home Internet site. I am a registered “bundler” with the Rick Santorum campaign and my initials are the code to let the campaign know I sent you there. To give directly at this site go to: RickSantorum.com/WJM

Third, checks can be written directly to Rick Santorum for President and sent either to GING-PAC or directly to the campaign. If you send your checks to GING-PAC we will “bundle” them every week and send them for special handling at the campaign headquarters. This lets Rick know that we are working for him. (Election laws do not allow us to tell a candidate or his campaign what we are doing on his behalf in advance.)

Fourth, you can send funds to GING-PAC that we will use to promote independently the campaign of Rick Santorum. As an example, back in 2008 GING-PAC called every known pro-life voter in South Carolina and Georgia, asking them to vote for Mike Huckabee. We could do that again for a candidate such as Rick Santorum, but we have to have the funds on hand.

Every four years we hear the talking heads on television say that an election will “determine the future of America” or that it is the “most important election since Abraham Lincoln” or something to that effect. It is true that virtually every election changes the direction of the nation somewhat, but this election is truly different.

In the last three years Barack Obama has increased the debt of this nation by more than did all previous presidents combined. He has implemented new rules, using executive orders, to make sure that our nation will be dependent on oil from Islamic nations for decades to come. He has done true damage to the social fabric of the nation by promoting homosexuality while at the same time drastically increasing Islamic immigration. The nation can’t survive four more years of Obama.

It is my promise to you that Government Is Not God – PAC will work full time to defeat Barack Obama and his cronies in the Senate who want to “fundamentally change” the United States into their vision of a utopia – which will be a dream life for them but a nightmare for the people.

This is the hard truth: GING-PAC needs more than $10 and $20 contributions in 2012. To fight the one billion dollars Barack Obama intends to spend, we need some real money as well. Please consider a contribution of $100 or more this month to GING-PAC.

With your contribution to GING-PAC you can also include a separate check made out to Rick Santorum for President, and I will deliver it to him with other checks from GING-PAC supporters. Thank you and God bless you

William J. Murray, Chairman 
Government Is Not God – PAC 
P.O. Box 77237, Washington, DC 20013

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