February, 2013 Campaign Update

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Special Election Alert – We MUST win this one!

GING-PAC recently endorsed South Carolina State Senator Larry Grooms for the 1st Congressional District of South Carolina. He is a strong social conservative who will take the place of conservative Tim Scott, who was appointed to take the place of Senator Jim DeMint.   DeMint resigned from the Senate to become head of The Heritage Foundation.

Senator Larry Grooms

Senator Larry Grooms

State Senator Larry Grooms has a solid record of upholding traditional marriage, the sanctity of human life, a strong national security and limited government. He’s both a social and economic conservative. Larry faces a primary challenge in March, with the special election to be held in May.

At his Internet site at www.GroomsForCongress.com he states:  I believe that marriage is reserved for one man and one woman.  Traditional marriage and strong families are the essential foundation of our nation.”

 Larry has earned many accolades for his clear stand on faith and family values. In 2012 he was named Legislator of the Year by South Carolina Citizens for Life. The Palmetto Family Council, for 2007-08 named him Senate Legislative Champion Award (for outstanding leadership in the defense of faith, family, and freedom). He is an Advisory Board member of the  National Council on Bible Curriculum, and the assistant chairman of the Deacon Board of the First Baptist Church of St. Stephen, South Carolina.

He’s clearly a threat to liberals and gay activists in South Carolina. That is why he is currently being smeared by the liberal media for being endorsed by GING-PAC. The goal, of course, is to marginalize social conservatives running for office and frighten establishment  GOP types who have already caved in to the gay activist political agenda in Washington, D.C.

A local newspaper in Hilton Head has tried to smear Grooms by linking him with an article GING-PAC posted on Obama’s lifting of the ban on women in combat and on overturning the ban on gays serving openly in the military. The paper asserts that because GING-PAC does not support gays in the Armed Forces that Larry Grooms is homophobic,  and because GING-PAC is against women on the front lines of war, that Larry Grooms is anti-Women.

Meanwhile Bill O’Reilly on Fox News is pushing Teddy Turner, the son of leftwing nut Ted Turner (Founder of CNN) for the REPUBLICAN nomination. Teddy Turner has never held office and refuses to talk about social issues. We need to defeat Teddy!

So far GING-PAC has sent $2,000.00 to the Grooms campaign, and can send more if we receive funds to help us elect social conservative candidates. (NOTE: The Federal Election Commission does not allow us to ask for funds for a specific candidate. Any time we want to fund someone we have to add “and candidates like him.” This is how government works.) Donate NOW!

GING-PAC endorsed Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) is outraged about the latest attempt by liberals to violate our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. He has invited gun makers like Remington Arms leave New York and move to South Carolina. According to Duncan: “In South Carolina, we believe in the right to keep and bear arms.”

Shortly after Obama announced his Executive Orders on gun control, Duncan responded: “The Founding Fathers never envisioned Executive Orders being used to restrict our Constitutional rights. We live in a republic, not a dictatorship.”

Duncan continued: “I will use every means at my disposal to combat the agenda of the Executive branch to undermine our Second Amendment rights. I will also fight any legislative action that is taken to implement more gun control. Americans don’t want their Second Amendment freedoms restricted in any way and I will continue to fully support the right to bear arms for all law abiding citizens.” GING-PAC endorsed Senator Ted Cruz sent a letter to gun makers in Illinois inviting them to move to Texas as well.


GING-PAC endorsed Ted Cruz stands for Israel, but not Chuck Hagel  — Former Senator Chuck Hagel (RINO-NE) ran into a Texas-sized buzz saw named Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) at his confirmation hearing for Secretary of Defense.

Senator Ted Cruz at Chuck Hagel hearing

Senator Ted Cruz at Chuck Hagel hearing

Cruz used videos of Hagel’s own statements on Al Jazeera to convict him of agreeing with a Muslim caller who said America is the world’s biggest bully. Cruz used other quotes from Hagel on the Senate floor, as when Hagel described Israel’s actions against Islamic terrorists as a slaughter.

Hagel repeatedly backtracked on his previous statements and seemed woefully unprepared for tough questions about his views on Israel, on America’s military power or on the International Criminal Court. While a U.S. Senator, Hagel railed against the “Jewish Lobby” and claimed that many in Washington were intimidated by it.

At one point Hagel claimed that he supported Obama’s policy of “containment” of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, but was given a note from a Senate staffer that had him correcting his misstatement on containment. He then had to withdraw his previous claim: “I misspoke and said I supported the president’s position on containment. If I said that, I meant to say we don’t have a position on containment.” (What?)

We can thank Senator Ted Cruz for leading the way in exposing Hagel’s lack of qualifications for one of the most important jobs in the world. Of course, since the Senate is run by Democrats, he’ll probably be confirmed – regardless of his competence. As long as he worships at the feet of Barack Hussein Obama, he’ll be richly rewarded with power and money.

Senator Roger Wicker Speaks out on Obama’s Unconstitutional Actions — Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker (R) was recently on Fox News Radio to discuss Barack Obama’s shredding of the U.S. Constitution. Wicker is a GING-PAC endorsed Senator from Mississippi.

Wicker spoke out on Obama’s 2012 recess appointments of several members of the National Labor Relations Board (NRLB) that were declared unconstitutional by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals recently. The president has power to make recess appointments when the Senate is not in session, but the Senate was in session during the time he made the appointments. Obama unilaterally decided that he was the person who could determine when the Senate was in session.

President Obama continues on his path of ruling like a tyrant – not an elected leader accountable to the people, Congress, courts and laws. He will rule through edicts, Executive Orders, and regulations. It is absolutely essential that social conservatives remove liberals and RINOs in the elections of 2014 and 2016. We must block Obama’s goal of turning our country into an anti-Christian socialist welfare state with a weakened military and a greatly enlarged population of illegals who are dependent on the federal government. Obama clearly seeks a permanent welfare class that will vote for liberal Democrats.


William J. Murray, Chairman
Government Is Not God – PAC
P.O. Box 77237, Washington, DC 20013

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