GING-PAC Mid-Term Wins & Losses

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Last week’s mid-term elections were a disaster for the GOP. Voters gave control of the House of Representatives to Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Gerald Nadler, Adam Schiff and a horde of pro-abortion, pro-open borders, and anti-Christian legislators. The next two years will be a nightmare of witch hunt hearings and attempts to defend the “progressive” (socialist) agenda of the hard left in America.

How did GING-PAC candidates fare?

The Wins

First, the good news: Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn won her race against leftist Phil Bredesen. She replaces feckless Bob Corker in January. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) won re-election against a former punk rock bass player who favored open borders. In Missouri, voters ousted far-left liberal Sen. Claire McCaskill and replaced her with a strong social conservative, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley.

In Idaho, Russ Fulcher defeated his Democratic Party opponent and will serve in the House of Representatives. Mark Harris won his race in North Carolina for the House of Representatives! West Virginia House candidate Carol Miller won her election!

Toss-Ups: Congresswoman Martha McSally ran for the Senate against a Code Pink bisexual named Kyrsten Sinema. The outcome of that election is in dispute as the Democrats work diligently to steal the election. Sinema’s lead is widening against McSally. The same thing is happening in Florida with Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s run for the Senate against Deep State liberal Bill Nelson. Nelson’s lawyers want non-citizen votes counted.

Yvette Herrell has refused to concede her election due to suspected voter fraud by Democrats. 


At present, Republicans only have a one-seat advantage in the Senate. If Democrats manage to flip the Senate to their side, they will block every bit of progress conservatives have made during the past two years. They will then control who gets on the Supreme Court! Right now, President Trump has the chance to name at least two additional justices to the court. If the GOP loses the Senate, that opportunity to forever change the court will be gone.


John James (Michigan), Ryan McAdams, (Virginia) Wendy Rogers (Arizona) all lost their bids to serve in the House.

In addition, Mississippi Senate candidate Chris McDaniel lost to feckless Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith in a special election. McDaniel was a social conservative.  Hyde-Smith will face her Democrat opponent on November 27, 2018.

All in all, it was a bad night for social conservatives and the GOP. The propaganda media for the Democratic Party certainly played its part in vilifying conservative or GOP candidates and mis-reporting their positions on important issues facing America.

God help us!

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