Gohmert Wants Special Counsel To Investigate Robert Mueller & His Team Of Leftist Zealots

May 31st, 2018 | By | Category: Featured

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Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert wants a second special counsel to investigate the corruption within the Robert Mueller team. Every member of the Mueller team is compromised and legally conflicted in this witch hunt directed against President Trump. Gohmert details many of the reasons why the Mueller team cannot be expected to conduct an honest investigation. They’re all Hillary Clinton supporters, for starters.

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One Comment to “Gohmert Wants Special Counsel To Investigate Robert Mueller & His Team Of Leftist Zealots”

  1. Grace Alexander says:

    Thank you Representative Louie Gohmert. It is now more than ONE YEAR of investigation and nothing
    shows there was collusion between President Trump and Russia. What a WITCH HUNT we have been putting up with. This is a disgrace for this action to occur, let alone go on and on and on and on without end and without any proof of “collusion”.How SHAMEFUL it is to do this to our President, and there are many of us American citizens who are disgusted with this nonsense and disgraceful behavior, and the wasting of our tax dollars and insulting of our President. Don’t these attorneys know when they are totally WRONG to brazenly witch hunt our duly elected President of the United States? I firmly believe these “investigators” themselves need to be investigated for this is pure EVIL to do this to our President. This group of men need to end their witch hunt now and work legitimately and stop ROBBING the American taxpayers. Don’t these witch-hunters have any conscience whatsoever?

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