Heartless Democrats Interrupt Call For Moment Of Silence For Synagogue Victims At Blackburn Rally

Oct 29th, 2018 | By | Category: Featured, Candidates, U.S. Senate
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Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn held a campaign rally in Nashville on Sunday with Sen. Lindsey Graham as the keynote speaker. During the event, she called for a moment of silence to remember the 11 people who were gunned down at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Saturday morning.

Immediately, a group of half a dozen thuggish Phil Bredesen supporters began shouting, screaming, and kicking. Four of them were removed from the venue by police. In a statement released shortly after the event, Congresswoman Blackburn noted:

“This Sunday afternoon, the liberal angry mob made it clear they are active in Tennessee and will stop at nothing to disrupt civil political discourse. I’m grateful to the law enforcement officers who were here today and kept everyone safe.”

“The protesters at today’s event were absolutely appalling. They yelled ‘Impeach Trump.’ They kicked. They punched. They resisted law enforcement, and they interrupted a moment of silence for the victims in Pittsburgh,” Blackburn said.

“Never in my life have I heard of people interrupting a moment of silence. Phil Bredesen is their leader, and their behavior is despicable.”

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