January, 2010 Campaign Update

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On Wednesday, January 20th Republicans in Washington were bloated with arrogant victory. I told one Republican Senator, “Arrogance is what lost this seat for the Democrats, don’t go there.” I was not alone in tossing cold water on Republican grandstanding. This is the reality: The Republicans didn’t win in Massachusetts; the Democrats lostl


On Wednesday, January 20th Republicans in Washington were bloated with arrogant victory. I told one Republican Senator, “Arrogance is what lost this seat for the Democrats, don’t go there.” I was not alone in tossing cold water on Republican grandstanding. This is the reality: The Republicans didn’t win in Massachusetts; the Democrats lost. The Democrats lost because of arrogance and back room deals that  disturbed at the deepest level America’s sense of fairness. Almost 25% of Democrats voted for Scott Brown. His victory was as much a message to Republicans as to Democrats. The message was clear: no more secret  deals that affect the people as a whole. Stop the corruption and do everything in the open as the Founders intended.

Barack Obama is as clueless about Scott Brown’s election to the Senate as the Republican leaders. “Here’s my assessment of not just the vote in Massachusetts but the mood around the country: The same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office,” Obama said in an interview with ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos. “People are angry and they are frustrated. Not just because of what’s happened in the last year or two years but what’s happened over the last eight years.” If  President Obama actually believes this statement, that Republican Scott brown was elected in a heavily Democrat state because people are still angry at George W. Bush, then the President is delusional.

Republicans lost the Senate and the House in 2006 because of corruption and back room deals. Scott Brown was elected in Massachusetts because the people are fed up with the corruption and back room deals of the Democrats. Scott Brown’s election was not just a “wake up” call to Democrats; it was a warning from the people to both major parties. The message is clear: We want honesty and transparency and no more secret deals that cost us, the people, our treasury.

Minority Leader John Boehner attempted to explain his version of the Brown victory to a small group meeting that I attended the day after the election. Boehner told the story of a visit to a businessman during his fist election campaign. The businessman told him, “Just promise me one thing and I will support you. Just give me less of what I don’t want than the other guy.” Although Boehner told the story, he still didn’t understand what the businessman had told him.

When Boehner was finished I told him, “What the businessman in your story told you is the story of us all, but why do you guys fund ACORN and Planned Parenthood and the NEA when you take power? You are not giving us ‘less of what we don’t want.’” Boehner’s response to me was a little odd.  He said: “This time we can’t fund those groups, the nation is broke.” Yes, it is broke all right, and it isn’t just the Democrats that got us here. We need fewer of the Democrat and Republican spenders and more social conservatives who tend to be those who believe in the family and not big government, and actually spend less as a result.


I cannot emphasize enough that there are 63 House seats currently held by Democrats in districts won by WardFamilyGeorge W. Bush in 2004. There are an astonishing 40 Democrats in districts won by John McCain just last year. Some of these seats are in races that are expensive, but others can be won in a very cost effective manner.

This month I want to highlight one seat that I believe conservatives can win in November, a seat that will not cost the conservative side millions of dollars to win because it is not in a high dollar advertising market. The seat is in Idaho, a state that has only two congressmen.

GING-PAC is endorsing Vaughn Ward, a man who has an amazing personal story.

Vaughn Ward was raised by a single mom in Shoshone, Idaho. He played football in high school and at Boise State University. He graduated with a degree in political science and volunteered in a Senate campaign for Dirk Kempthorne, who won in 1992. The new Senator was so impressed he took Vaughn Ward to Washington as his Legislative Aid. In 1995 he left the Senator’s office to join the Marine Corps and served in Liberia, Cuba, Japan and Korea. The Marines eventually sent him to Capitol Hill as a military fellow working on the military budget. During this time he earned an MBA at the University of Maryland, and after the 9-11 jihad attack on New York and Washington he joined the CIA as an Operations Officer and served in the Middle East and Africa.

In 2006 Vaughn Ward took a leave of absence from the CIA to rejoin the Marines for a tour of duty in Iraq where he commanded Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 25th Marines in combat in Fallujah. He received the Bronze Star with Combat V for Valor. After his tour he became the Nevada State Director for the McCain/Palin campaign. Vaughn is married to Kirsten and they have two children.

Vaughn is a man of valor and courage who has served his nation, not just politically, but has put his life on the line for our freedoms. Vaughn Ward is exactly the kind of man we need in Washington rather than career politicians and “community organizers.”

Government Is Not God – PAC has endorsed Vaughn Ward and his campaign has been given an initial check. I am hopeful that we can send Vaughn further funds for his campaign as we raise more funds for races in 2010.


As chairman of Government Is Not God – PAC, it is important that I authorize funding to candidates wisely during this crucial election cycle. In the next few months we will endorse more conservative challengers to Democrat held seats in both the House and Senate. I make an effort to talk directly to every candidate we endorse, even incumbents like Michele Bachmann, before the PAC endorses them and issues a check. While it is important to know that they will vote with us on social issues, it is also important to know if they in fact do need our funds. If a candidate is doing well financially, I ask them to be frank with me so that we can fund someone in greater need.

When the time comes to act, when the time comes to endorse and to fund, GING-PAC needs to be ready. It is crucial that we have at least an additional $25,000 on hand by March 1st when primaries begin and we start to fund for the general election.

Please send a check to help today, or give an online gift at www.gingpac.org.

William J. Murray, Chairman

Government Is Not God – PAC

P.O. Box 77237,  Washington, DC 20013


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